"For Christmas, I gave my sister and her boyfriend two nights at the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur [about 150 miles south of San Francisco]. It's fantastic. It's really expensive, though. Like the most expensive hotel in America that we've ever stayed at, so we don't go there that much. You literally have individual free-standing rooms that are built into the cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. One night that we were there, there was a lightning storm out at sea. God put on a pretty fantastic show. We stayed there once in 1991 or 1992. My family, my mom and my sister and Pop and everybody, and I took a motorcycle trip from the Bay Area down Highway 1 to Malibu. I rode on the back of my sister's Harley. When we got to Post Ranch Inn, I [crashed] her bike in the parking lot right in front of the whole welcoming staff. [My fiancé] Dario and I showed up there last year and the guy was like, 'You been riding your bike any?' I was so embarrassed that they remembered."


"An amazing thing happened in The Presidio park, which is really beautiful. On Thanksgiving Day, I joined some childhood friends from Kentucky for a touch football game. It's like a Saturday game that the same group of people get together to play. I met so many nice young people. A lot of young married people, people who were about to start families, which is a great environment for [my fiancé and me] to be in, since we're in a parallel situation in our personal lives. I woke up and thought, You know, that's a really American thing to do on Thanksgiving. Go to a beautiful public park and just get rowdy playing touch football with a bunch of strangers. Then, one day when we took the pups down to the Marina and walked out to the bridge, we ran into two different people that we had met at the touch football game on Thanksgiving Day. It's just that kind of a city where it's open and friendly. It's accessible. Everyone is so oriented to the outdoors. It's in the most beautiful, natural setting of any American city, and I'm just always happy there. San Francisco makes me happy."