"Chinatown is great. I actually got really sick with bronchitis while we were filming, and my makeup artist went to Chinatown and talked to a man who put together packages of herbs and roots. She boiled it for me and I drank these very pungent potions to get better. I'm certain it helped. Herbal shops are all around Chinatown. I sort of say the older the person, the more credible the establishment. The older and more wizened the owner's appearance, the more likely he is to have good advice and profound experience with herbs and roots. I don't recommend that people take the herbs wantonly. They have very strong medicinal effects."

"PlumpJack Cafe, owned by the same folks who own the Balboa Cafe, is another San Francisco institution. It's small, with really nice, attentive service. It's a pretty calm, soothing atmosphere. I particularly love the salads. They mix them up with different kinds of nuts and dried fruit, and you could make a very good meal out of a salad and a light entree. PlumpJack has a terrific wine list. The owners also own a wine store, so if you're in the mood for a certain kind of Burgundy, but you want to be adventuresome and maybe try something that you've not had before, you can have a conversation with them about it. And they'll walk down to the corner to their wine shop and get it for you, charging the same price in the restaurant that they do at the shop. I made it kind of a policy while in San Francisco never to spend more than $30 on a bottle of wine in a restaurant, and we always had the most delicious stuff."