"If I could only eat one thing in San Francisco, it would be the fried-egg pizza at Rose's Cafe. Rose's has outdoor seating, and they have little dog treats on the menu. I always start with a little dish of olives because I love good black olives, and they make a polenta. It's a little bit like a breakfast polenta with slightly spicy tomato sauce on top of it, so it's like a cross between Cream of Wheat and a polenta dinner entree. But go for the fried-egg pizza. It's a super-thin, wood-fired pizza with fontina cheese and fried eggs and strips of ham. And, of course, I have to pour olive oil all over the whole thing, too. For some reason when I'm there, I always want Coca-Cola. I do not drink soda pop, but something about the saltiness of the olives and the polenta makes it a Coca-Cola kind of day. The Balboa Cafe is always great for lunch. They've got two different kinds of burgers - the Balboa Burger that comes on a baguette, or the Bar Burger, which comes on a homemade bun. It's a bit like a brasserie with a lot of good comfort food. You definitely get full."

"City Lights Booksellers and Publishers is so cool - funky and fabulous. I love it. You defi-nitely get in touch with your inner fire to help change the world there. Sometimes all the books in the window are so negative. You have to be careful about how much of that stuff you expose yourself to at one moment. I love to go in and buy leftist magazines and get all fired up. I'm into reading The Nation every week. They have a huge magazine section."