"In the Fillmore area, I love to pop into Fillamento, which has a variety of home furnishings. Another little home furnishings store is Sue Fisher King. I bought a fantastic woven tote bag there, and it was only like 18 bucks. It's in such a high-end neighborhood, but they are not absurd in their pricing. A place that gave me a lot of pleasure in San Francisco is called Ixia, which is a florist. I spoke with them on the telephone and I described what my apartment was like. They never saw the interior of it, and every single week they sent over arrangements that were perfectly suited to my style and taste. Union Square is great for shopping. We were shooting at night, I was sick, I didn't have an assistant, and I still managed to get all my Christmas shopping done on Maiden Lane, which radiates out of Union Square. They have all the nice shops. I thought that the Prada store had a particularly good selection. A lot of Prada is ubiquitous, but they had stuff that I had never seen before, which is really saying something. Everybody is really down-to-earth in San Francisco. Nobody is snooty. Wilkes Bashford is a great store. They've got a terrific buyer - a very eclectic mix. It's men's and women's."

"My entertainment consisted of hiking in John Muir Woods. It's just unbelievable how accessible and beautiful everything is. One time I went into the bottom of Muir Woods, where they've built platforms because there are so many people who go there that it's as populated as a shopping mall. But there was something wonderfully spirited about it because you knew that all these folks were going to be around these extraordinary old trees and breathe the fresh air. You can hike to the beach or you can do something more challenging by going up all the wonderfully marked and very educational trails. When you're among those 1,000-year-old redwoods, you feel liberated and you feel a sense of awe. I think it definitely encourages a sense of responsibility to living more peacefully and less aggressively toward our resources."