"You can walk down to Union Street and go to Doidge's for breakfast. Anyone who is familiar with San Francisco knows it's not the most hip place. It's an old standard, and it really can't be improved upon. They have homemade egg dishes and pancakes. When I was there eating breakfast with a friend on a Sunday, the wonderful older gentleman who runs the place kept going outside to pet my dogs. He took them a treat and they weren't interested in it, because they are quite snobby about their treats, and it became a personal mission for him to find a treat that they would enjoy."

"I love the Marina, which has free parking - another indication of what a terrific city San Francisco is. It's so geared toward a genuinely easy quality of life. You just go down to the Marina and hop out of your car and you can join a spontaneous game of volleyball or touch football on the Marina Green. Or you can walk out to the base of the Golden Gate Bridge and you've got the beautiful city skyline behind you. Then, there are the hills of the Marina, with very little development. There's Sausa-lito, where you can see a little bit of the Marina and can see some of the houses built on the hills in Tiburon. So much of that area is still untouched. It is constantly reminding us, I think, of the balance that we should strike between development and preserving our wide-open spaces. They're doing a big restoration project at the moment on the Marina, where they are encouraging a healthier and stronger natural habitat. I love it down there."