"I love the El Drisco Hotel because it's in Pacific Heights. There are majestic views of the Bay and the bridge and the hills of Marin County. Pacific Heights is terrific for getting some exercise. You can walk at a leisurely pace, or you can turn it up a notch when you go up and down those hills. Pacific Heights is aesthetically one of the most pleasing cosmopolitan neighborhoods in America, and the El Drisco is a great big wonderful old home that's been converted into a luxury hotel. The prices are not prohibitively expensive. It's very charming and very sweet and has this incredible bonus of being close to Fillmore and Union streets, which have my favorite poking-around shopping. Another really good hotel is the Renaissance Stanford Court. They really took great care of me. We were shooting at night and I needed to sleep during the day. It was quiet and room service was really delicious and very fast. They had great towels and slippers - all the stuff that you look for. It's also within walking distance of all the nice shops."

"On a Friday night, I would go to Florio. It's on Fillmore and it's terrific French. Of course, they've got the required steak pommes frites,but my favorite thing on the menu is the baked creamed onions. They're thin, almost like scalloped potatoes, and are served in a small individual casserole dish. They are exquisite. The people at Florio were always cool. They would let me sit in the window, which was not really part of the restaurant, so my pups could come in and lie on the floor. We would pretend to be in France."