Join the beautiful star of the hit movie Someone Like You for a weekend in the city where she left her childhood heart.
Ashley Judd left her heart in San Francisco a long time ago. She spent part of grade school in the Bay Area with her mother, Naomi, and sister, Wynonna, who later became the dynamic country-singing duo known as The Judds. But it was her grandmother's longtime house in the city's beloved Pacific Heights area that made Ashley a spiritual San Franciscan. "I've spent an awful lot of time in her home, so I feel like it's a second home," she remembers. Judd is a rare combination of brains and beauty: a Phi Beta Kappa nominee and honors graduate of the University of Kentucky, with a major in French and four minors. But the city of San Francisco speaks more to her soul than her intellect. She returned to the city recently to film Someone Like You,a romantic comedy co-starring Greg Kinnear that premiered March 30. Judd plays a heartbroken TV producer turned celebrated sex columnist who compares the behavior of men to animals. Romantic comedy is something of a departure for Judd, who has starred in thrillers like Double Jeopardy,opposite Tommy Lee Jones, Eye of the Beholder,with Ewan McGregor, and Heat,alongside Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Val Kilmer. Judd's informal acting training began in childhood. While her mother and sister put their energies into music, Ashley turned toward the world of books, spending her childhood playing the literary characters in her mind. She attended a dozen different schools in Kentucky, Tennessee, and California before The Judds became country and western superstars. After college, she set aside her dreams of joining the Peace Corps and followed her sister's suggestion to move to L.A. to become an actress. After some mid-level TV fare, she entered the mainstream movie world with the hit independent film Ruby in Paradise.Later, she won an Emmy nomination for her role as the young Marilyn Monroe in HBO's Norma Jean and Marilyn.Now engaged to race car driver Dario Franchitti, she lives in a 100-year-old Tennessee house. But here's a weekend where a piece of Ashley's heart will always remain, San Francisco.