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I like to think of myself as well traveled. I mean, when you work for an airline, it’s almost mandatory that you head off to some far-flung location for the weekend just because you can. And while I don’t do that as much as I used to, I do stretch my wings pretty often. However, as I looked over the stories we have in this issue, I realized just how many places I still have to explore. For instance, I’ve never been to Barcelona. What’s worse is I’ve never even set foot in Spain! But I have been to its neighbors, France and Portugal. Does that count?





So while I personally can’t give you any great tips for your next trip to Barcelona, this magazine can. If you turn to page 44, you’ll find everything you need to know.




We also have a story on the Calgary Stampede (see page 54). I’ve heard of the Stampede, but I’ve never attended. In fact, I’ve only ever driven through Calgary on my way to somewhere else. I don’t think I even stopped to take a look around. All of a sudden, I feel like I haven’t been anywhere — even though my passport says otherwise.




I’ve taken some time to ponder my travels and plan a quick couple of trips before getting back to the task of reading the stories in this issue. Lo and behold, I’ve found another thing I’ve never done! Can you believe I haven’t been a roller derby-er nor have I been to a roller derby match? Okay, so that’s maybe not so surprising. But both sound like a hoot — see page 66. At the very least, I want a cool roller derby–girl nickname.




When I got to the story on toxic coworkers, I was actually quite pleased. I have, in the past, worked with these sorts of noxious people. But, I’m most happy to say, I don’t work with any now. It makes such a difference to work with people we enjoy being around — especially since we all have to coexist for so much of our lives.




However, I do work with a different kind of toxic coworker. And as we make the passage from cold winter to nippy spring, it’s a good time to talk about it.




Although I know they mean well, the many people who insist on coming into the office even when they’re sick aren’t doing us any favors . We’ve all seen them. Their eyelids are lowered, their shoulders are hunched, and they hack and sniffle and sneeze their way through the day. Sure, it’s somewhat admirable that they care so much about their work that they’re willing to drag themselves in, but it’s also infuriating to the innocent bystanders who inevitably catch what they have.




And I know I’m not alone in this — I’ve heard the story about catching something from a sick coworker from many people this year.




These stalwart employees should stay at home in quarantine when they don’t feel well. I mean, it’s the twenty-first century! Who among us can’t get some amount of work done at home if we really feel the need?




While I guess I’d rather have the infectious toxic coworker than the poisonous one, wouldn’t it be nice if all sorts of toxic coworkers were absent from the workplace?




So perhaps I’ll kill two birds with one stone and spend some time crossing a few more destinations off my list until spring fevers and colds have finished making their way through the office.






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