Global Technical Instructor, Applied Materials
Age: 31
2003 AAdvantage Miles: 54,007

When this contest was going on, Carolyn was indeed training for her fourth marathon. But in November she completed it by finishing the New York marathon in an impressive four hours, 29 minutes, and 13 seconds. Even more impressive is that because there were no cabs when she was ready to leave and the subway wasn't accepting cash, she walked an additional hour and a half to her hotel while wrapped in her foil blanket and with her medal around her neck.

This determination epitomizes Carolyn's view of life on the road. A chemical engineer with a degree from Purdue, she's driven and results-oriented (a closet Type A personality). Yet she knows how to find the humor in every situation and delights (an understatement) in the simplest things. In an effort to further challenge herself, she recently moved to the marketing and sales side of her business, where she can concentrate on something other than "teaching semiconductor etch processing to process engineers."

Third-Place Winner
Jeffrey Giles
St. Louis, Missouri

Too many journeys, trips, and vacations to limit this tale toone,
Many found me flying west to the land of fun and sun.
There was the time I left my laptop with the San Diego airport security crew,
Probably had something to do with me gathering my things while putting on my shoe.
There was the time I flew from Paris with a Golden Retriever (not mine) at my feet,
It seems that guide dogs fly business class too, although they don't get a seat.
On a flight back from Miami with my family, we sat by a famous rapper,
My mom tried on his "bling" and he was cool, even when my baby spit up on his sweater.
On my recent trip home from Dallas, the airport shut down due to lightning and rain,
Somehow I missed the boarding announcement and nearly missed the plane.
I ran to the counter and pleaded for help all the while holding my dinner plate,
Although the doors were closed, the plane had not yet left the gate.
The friendly agent made a call to the plane and YES, I could still get on,
I ran down the ramp, found my seat, and with that we were gone.
Grabbing a pillow and resting my head, I picked up AmericanWay,
I took a deep breath, gathered my thoughts … just another typical day.

Jeffrey chose his hometown of St. Louis to spotlight in a Celebrated Weekend.

American Way: You obviously travel a lot. What restaurant do you pine for while on the road?
Giles: Definitely Paul Manno's Café. It's a fantastic Italian restaurant that happens to be in a suburban strip mall.Don't let that fool you though. It's upscale without being stuffy and is very popular with the local professional athletes. They have the best baby lamb chops I've ever tasted.

American Way: What about a spot that's popular with the locals?
Giles: Got to be Sportsman's Park. It's a neighborhood bar and grill that has been around for years. Great chicken wings and toasted ravioli. (Toasted ravioli are unique to St. Louis and an absolute must-try.)

American Way: Where would you recommend for a weekend getaway?
Giles: You could drive about three hours and be at the Lake of the Ozarks. The area has plenty of activities for the kids, great golf courses, and an enormous outlet mall for some bargain shopping.

American Way: Any parting words on your fair city?
Giles: Don't forget to try the toasted ravioli. I still don't know why they haven't caught on big time in other cities.

Industry Manager, Emerson Motor Company
Age: 29
2003 AAdvantage Miles: 24,827

Jeffrey may not have as many miles as our other Road Warriors, but he certainly under­stands travel and knows how to pack in the fun. And as you can tell from his entry at left, he's something of a poet - or a rapper. He is also our token golfer.

Jeffrey says he manages to squeeze in a round or two on almost all of his vacations and on about a quarter of his business trips. And all that play has payed off. He's a 10 handicap and regularly shoots in the low- to mid-80s. He also shared with us the fact that he collects golf balls from all of the courses he plays. So far he has about 100, and has just started his second display case. (His wife no doubt loves that hobby.)

But golf isn't all Jeffrey knows. He was equally enthusiastic about sports (especially in St. Louis, which he says is "arguably the best sports town in the world") and his wife and sons (ages two and seven months), whom he travels with often, making his Road Warrior life a family affair.