A Victorian cheese safe.

Serving up vintage culinary treasures, e-tailer Martyn George isn’t the online equivalent to an old, cluttered antiques mall. The unique Web boutique, curated by Britain-born food-and-prop stylist Johanna Brannan Lowe, packs a double punch of mod and cool. Lowe’s years as a stylist and keen eye for special pieces with a story have resulted in a treasure chest of mint-condition vintage kitchen, bar and dinnerware. The cyber-shop (named for her late father) stocks an array of hand-picked “culinary objects” Lowe has culled through years of savvy shopping at antiques markets and estate sales. It’s a form of recycling. “Why do we need to go out and buy new things when there are so many high-quality items already out there with great stories to tell?” she asks.

A few of our favorite finds include a very Mad Men-esque amber-and-gold decanter from the 1940s that recently sold for $185, and a one-of-a-kind, 19th-century Victorian cheese safe listed for $325. Which brings us to something else we love: The pieces are affordable. “I don’t want to have dusty, old antiques that never sell. The fun for me is finding these pieces — I want people to come to my site and buy so I can go out again and do more shopping,” Lowe explains. www.martyngeorge.com