"I am not your typical road warrior. I'm young, I'm female, and I'm as single as they come. I don't even have a house of my own that I come home to. I rent. And I have roommates (though they rarely see me). What I'm getting at is this: no spouse, no kids, and no fluffy or furry friend to greet me with kisses at the front door when I return from a long business trip. And [it should come as] no surprise that my most intimate relationship is with my travel agent. I mean, really - he completely gets me. He knows my travel preferences, my favorite locations, and my tolerance for red-eye flights. So think of me as the new and improved, slightly smarter Bridget Jones. While I'm completely perplexed by the male species, and I'll always have a few extra pounds to lose, I have a master's degree, a job I love, and I've vowed never to belt out tunes like 'All by Myself' while chugging bottles of white Zin in my living room - alone. Like Bridget, however, I do have a handful of wonderful friends who I count on for fun when I'm in town - and a host of community activities that immediately thrust me back into the swing of city-based things."

The Final 15

In addition to our five winners, these people advanced to the second round, the phone interviews. As with narrowing down the initial entries, they didn't make the decisions easy on us. As you can see, we had a very diverse group of entrants this year, and they all have fun and interesting jobs.

Congratulations to the finalists for a job well done.

Darren Collins
Variety Entertainer/Teacher/Speaker, Puppet ­Productions, Waxahachie, Texas

Scott Dahl
Director, Clinical Performance, VHA, Dallas, Texas

Stephen DeRose
Global Messaging Architect, General Contracting,
Richmond, Virginia

Jenna Dran
Nurse, Northwestern Hospital,