"My most memorable homecoming story is getting stuck at a snowy O'Hare late on a Friday night. I needed to get back home to Michigan [where Ben lived at the time] because I was leaving on vacation the next day. I tried renting a car, but because of the threat of impending weather the next day, all available cars had been rented. I then had a stroke of genius. There were another 69 passengers on my flight who also wanted to get home. So I called a limo company and rented the final limo they had available. I underestimated how badly people wanted to get back home, and before I knew it, I had 20 people who were trying to get in the eight-passenger limo. Needless to say, I got a taste of what the ticket/gate agents have to deal with every day. There was no easy way to select just seven, so I went with the first seven who asked. It was a long three-and-a-half-hour drive, and our driver thought we were all crazy, but everyone was in good spirits, knowing we were going to spend the night in our own beds."


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Job: Regional Director
Home: San Francisco,
California; New York, New York
Age: 32
Number of Days Traveled in 2004: 185

And last but not least - or is it, "we saved the best for last"? - our very own Bridget Jones. Jodie was this year's only single road warrior (she was also a finalist last year), so we couldn't resist giving her our interpretation of the ultimate meal. Champagne, roses, dessert, handsome men, and a beautiful view of the ocean. What else does a girl need - besides perhaps a little food on the table? But alas, with this much travel, Jodie's life is a little different. We'll let her explain.