"The uniform is bathrobe and bunny slippers. The bathrobe is u-g-l-y - green-and-blue plaid, hems coming loose. Office casual? Not even close. There's a coffee stain on the left corner. I didn't spill coffee on the bathrobe - I spilled it on the floor but used the robe to clean it up. The bunny slippers are in sorry shape, too. I find bunny guts all over the house - white fuzzies in the laundry room and slipper-cushion chunks in the den. My husband threatens to take them to the vet to be put down. It's not always like this. But on my favorite days, I rub the night from my eyes and toss on the robe and slips. Two minutes for the kettle to whistle, seven cents' worth of Nescafé, and my day begins. My ultimate work space is my home office. It's a quick commute, with little traffic and absolutely no office politics. I can simultaneously telephone my colleague in Germany to discuss a system-configuration issue, update my boss in Chicago via IM chat, and work on a training presentation on PowerPoint. Multitasking in bunny slippers!"


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Job: Director of Product Design, Costing, and Controlling
Home: Lewisville, Texas
Age: 30 (just barely)
Number of Days Traveled in 2004: 250

Although Ben's ultimate homecoming involved a limo, it wasn't in a location even close to as lovely as this lookout point at the Hilton Waikoloa Village. Who wouldn't love to come home in this car to this view? As Ben aptly put it, "Real life is not as good as island life." And he should know. He and his wife got married in Maui and honeymooned in Kona at this very hotel. The miles he racked up last year were plentiful, but the year before, he traveled 50 out of the 52 weeks. All that travel paid off, as the miles helped him get his family to the wedding. Obviously Ben is a creative guy. Just take a look at the lengths he went to to get home one night.