"The second hand seems to be moving in a slow-motion parallel reality as the clock nears the blessed hour of my release. I'm serving day unknown of a three-year sentence in a chemical-analysis government laboratory that is completely devoid of windows. My only connection to the outside is a detached, monotone voice piped through a public-address system that informs me that if my windows are open in my car, I should proceed outside and close them because a thunderstorm is just beginning. At this point, the second hand suspiciously seems to be mocking my attempt at escape, appearing to move in reverse. Suddenly, a sharp pain in my head snaps me out of the nightmare of my previous life and into my present, amazing reality. Where am I? Through the hazy spiderwebs of my painfully induced consciousness, I remember that I arrived yesterday in the Maldives, halfway around the world from my prior, windowless existence. Why am I here? Because almost two years ago, I became one of 10 paid professional photographers who scour the globe's oceans in search of the Shot for Surfing magazine."


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Job: Global People Systems Process Lead
Home: San Antonio, Texas
Age: 33
Number of Days Traveled in 2004: 120

Amie Wyrostek was the most stealthlike of our warriors. She was very vague about her job and her company, although she offered up her age with no hesitation. But now that we see her job title, we understand why - and we're still not sure what she does. But ultimately it doesn't matter, because what we loved most about Amie's entry was her description of her ultimate office. Many of you said that your ultimate offices were just what we show on this page - a beach with lots of sun, sand, and palm trees. Amie looks good here, but we're pretty sure her ultimate office looks nothing like this. Take a look.