"Today my office is the world. During the past seven years, I've had a backstage pass to the world, which has landed me in dozens of countries. So far, in my office, I've been attacked by a tapir and burned by a Portuguese man-of-war. I've been bitten by venomous ants on three continents and woken up by a scorpion's sting. But the thing is, I love my office more than I ever dreamed I could. I've ridden in submarines; swum in the Panama Canal; worked to save scarlet macaw babies; drunk rum with tropical lighthouse keepers; wrestled crocodiles; cheered on egg-laying sea turtles; snuggled with lions and tigers, pumas and cheetahs; ridden elephants; swum in all four oceans; and snowmobiled through the nothingness of the Arctic into a never-setting sun."


  • Image about Andy Mitchell
Job: Senior Staff Photographer
Home: Wilmington,
North Carolina
Age: 30
Number of Days Traveled in 2004: 150

Like Andy, D.J. is used to doing the photography. But the fact that we were shooting in what's considered to be the ultimate destination for all manner of travelers made his onerous job of "model" a little easier. And once we promised to let him catch a few waves with the locals after we were done, he was all ours. D.J. is all about the water - whether he's on top of it or under it. Before his current gig, he studied the effects of industrial pollution on marine mammals. It sounds so close to the water … but yet it's so far. Here's D.J. on his previous job: