Wrigley Field 32%
Sydney Harbour Bridge 32%
St. Peter's Basilica 28%
Windsor Castle 23%
Great Sphinx of Giza 22%
National Museum of Natural History 21%
Brooklyn Bridge 20%
Vancouver Skyline 19%
Times Square 18%
Diamond Head 18%
Buckingham Fountain 16%
London Heathrow Airport 15%
Taipei 101 14%
Plaza de Cibeles 13%
Fremont Street 13%
Minneapolis Skyline 13%
Rijksmuseum 12%
Royal Castle 11%
17th Hole at TPC Sawgrass 10%
Nelson's Column 10%
Pittsburgh Skyline 9%
Cagayan Valley Caves 8%
Ulm Münster 8%
6th Street 8%
The Thinker 8%
Brooks Range 7%
Lake Chungará 7%
The Famous Five 7%
Bo-Kaap 4%

Upon Further Review …

So what have we learned? For one thing, most of you need a refresher course on the Taj Mahal. The iconic Indian tomb was incorrectly cited by 80 percent of respondents - easily outdistancing the next most misidentified site, Seattle's Space Needle.

What's a trip without a good slide show at the end? We asked for your best photos, and 2,953 of you obliged. (No, we still haven't organized them into photo albums … and don't hold your breath either.) You'll find a few of our favorites starting on page 64.

Of the 9,188 entries we received, most came from warm-weather states, with Texas (2,074), California (1,439), and Florida (895) taking the top three spots in terms of representation. Frankly, we didn't really feel the love from South Dakota and Montana (three each - one of which was a winner), North Dakota (two), and Wyoming (one).

The stat geeks tell us that roughly half our readers are female - so we are kind of surprised that a lot more men (66 percent) put their brains to the test than women (34 percent). Take a look at the cover of this magazine; it doesn't say Field & Stream, folks.

So you travel a lot, do you? Here's how many AAdvantage miles you people rack up per year:

Fewer than 25,000 - 34%
25,000 to 50,000 - 28%
50,001 to 100,000 - 24%
More than 100,000 - 14%

(You'll find the names of those who said they flew more than 100,000 miles on pages 70 and 71.)

Let's put it another way: Every year, you take this many trips for business, personal, or leisure reasons (we're pretty sure those cover all the bases):

Fewer than 10 - 50%

10 to 20 - 23%

21 or more - 27%