"Twenty-five dollars would be an expensive meal at most of the casinos. There are some nice restaurants now; we have so many five-star restaurants it's crazy. But as far as being able to fill your stomach as cheaply as possible, there's probably no city in the world that offers more. I have heard speakers at colleges talk about when the kids travel in and out to compete, whether it's a tennis team or what have you, that Vegas is the only place in the country that they can eat on the per diem. You can go to all of these $3.99 buffets, where their only goal is to get you in the door."

Which shows do you like?
"You've gotta see O. It's incredible. O is a Cirque du Soleil show, but it's done in water. You find it so amazing that you are sitting in the middle of a showroom with a stage basically made out of water. The showroom is in a casino, and the casino is in the middle of the desert. It just blows you away that you're watching this. Another show I love is Danny Gans. He does impersonations of hundreds of legendary performers and singers. The show is really nostalgic; it almost brings to life these characters that you always used to think about so fondly - the Frank Sinatras, the James Deans, and scenes from movies."

Where can you go to hear some great music?
"Vegas gets more music acts coming through than any other city in the world. We have concerts nonstop. So the options for music are endless. The MGM Grand Garden is a concert hall here. They use it for a lot of things. Mandalay Bay has the tenors there; it's a big, 14,000- to 15,000-square-foot indoor hall. The Joint at the Hard Rock always has musical acts there. But I'm a family guy. I don't quite go out and hit it like I used to."