"Shadow Creek is pretty amazing. It's the course Steve Wynn built through the Mirage Resorts. He put about $43 million into it and made it look like you were on some holes in Hawaii and some in Colorado. You just can't believe the terrain and the way he built this course. The thing that blows you away about it is that it's in the middle of the desert. There has been such a big boom in courses here. There's Bali Hai, a great course right on the Strip. But I am a creature of habit, and usually play at the courses closest to where I live, Shadow Creek and Red Rock."

I bet your wife likes all the spas. Which ones are the best?
"There is a great one at the Bellagio, and Canyon Ranch has a spa at the Venetian."

Speaking of your wife, is there a place the two of you go for a special evening?
"My wife and I are pretty similar. We think a great evening out together is to get some good sushi, so we go to Nobu. We enjoy sitting at the sushi bar because it's only the two of us. We just sort of take our time and pick through a lot of different flavors and tastes."

Any other restaurants to recommend?
"Seablue at the MGM is amazing. It's a fish restaurant. Emeril's is fantastic. Prime at the Bellagio is pretty amazing. There's also an old French restaurant downtown called Andre's. It's in an old house and has been around for decades. We used to go there when I was young, and I still go back. It's really clean and nice."

Where can you get a great meal for $25 or less?