Where do you go then to get away from all the glitz?
"There's a lot to be offered in the outskirts - the Red Rock Canyon, going hiking and biking. If you're on the Strip, you're probably about 35 minutes away from Red Rock. You just take Charleston as far west as you can possibly go. There are trails all back through there with waterfalls and beautiful red rock and great hiking."

Tell us a great local spot that people don't know about.
"Out where we live, there's this place called Desert Shores, where there are these little lakes. There is a real cute French eatery called Marché Bacchus there on the lake where you can sit outside. You would never know you were in Vegas. Jaden, our two-year-old, entertains himself by feeding the ducks while we're eating."

With all the money in Vegas, there's got to be some good shopping.
"Yeah, we have all the great shops: the Aladdin shops and the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, which are incredible. Go with the family. You go from having dinner to taking your kids to FAO Schwarz to looking around at different high-end retailers. You can't imagine how many thousands of pairs of jeans there are to choose from until you go to the Forum Shops. It's a lot of fun. But I don't know if you should trust me with shopping."

Okay, what about something you know a little more about, like sports. What are your favorite golf courses?