"Yeah, I'm involved with some friends that I grew up with, which is exciting. I'm second generation here, and the people I'm involved with are third generation Vegas. The Nugget is a lot of fun because it's such old Vegas. You're talking about a place that has been there for a lot of years and has a great feel."

Do you have any other favorite hotels/casinos?

"It's hard to get nicer than the Bellagio. But that said, every hotel offers its thing. Caesars Palace now has Celine Dion camped there. You've got Mandalay Bay, which has an incredible bar and lounge at the top of the hotel called The Foundation. There's a deck there overlooking the whole city. The Hard Rock Hotel has The Joint, with incredible music acts that come through. This city is about targeting what it is you are looking for, because you're going to find it. It's not about one place having it all and you never leave; there's just too much to experience."

What else should every visitor know about Las Vegas?

"Vegas has been the fastest-growing city in America for more than 30 years. It's a city of great vision. It's a city where the community believes that if you actually believe in something enough, you can create it and make it happen. It gets a tough rap because it's perceived as an adult Disneyland. But the community of people who actually live here is strong. It is a community that bonds together and looks out for each other. It's an incredibly inspirational city."

Most people think of the Strip when they think of Vegas, but there's also a lot of activity downtown, right?
"Downtown is a place where you can park your car and walk around and experience that old feeling of just stepping two feet off the street into a casino that basically has no doors. And the lights are incredible. There are more lights downtown than you will see in New York at Christmas."