Tune in. Turn on. And watch the technologically deprived stare with envy. -- Scott Steinberg

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1Wing, available late 2008
Forget laptops; ultramobile PCs (fully functional systems so small that they fit in your pocket) are the latest rage. Convince yourself to take the plunge with this 4 GB clamshell model, packing a four-inch LCD screen perfect for watching videos and an ergonomically designed keyboard for web surfing, e-mail construction, and the rare bout of actual productivity.

2 Samsung Armani P520, $579
Gucci shades? So passé. If you really want to floss like a celebrity, whip out this 2.6-inch touch-screen-equipped aesthetic marvel and watch haters drool. Yes, the device makes calls, but with an integrated 3.2 MP camera, e-mail functionality, and web-browsing and music- and game-playing abilities, it’s more than just a phone; it’s a fashion statement.

3 Ana-Digi Watch, $250
Phosphor’s snazzy leather- or polyurethane-banded timepiece swaps between a white or black face and analog or digital displays on demand. A whopping 14 options are available at the press of a button; sharp color contrast ensures you’ll catch onlookers’ attention.

4 Vudu XL, $999
Plop this mysterious black box atop a TV and use its terabyte hard drive to stream standard or high-definition films and TV shows from the Internet straight to your set. Even better: Prices start at just 99 cents, units store 500 flicks, and no special software (or PC) is needed.

5 JX20 Pura, $179
Step up your Bluetooth connection (and your game) with Jabra’s brushed anodized titanium headset with glossy black trim. An ergonomic gel earbud completes the crave-inspiring package, which weighs less than half an ounce and offers six hours of talk time.

6 BlackArmor, $150
Not only does Maxtor’s 160 GB portable hard drive eliminate mobile data security issues (thanks to government-grade encryption), but it also goes well with a black suit, tie, and shades when transporting sensitive files across the country.