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Colin Hanks has never settled for the easy road.

Colin Hanks may come from movie-making royalty, but that doesn’t mean he’s resting on his laurels. For the past ­decade, Hanks has worked hard and steadily — from his breakout role in the 2002 cult film Orange County to parts on hit shows like Dexter and Mad Men. Never content to be a Hollywood flash in the pan, the 35-year-old prefers hard work to a silver spoon. “What people don’t understand is that this industry isn’t glitzy — it requires work and energy and a great deal of time and effort,” he says. “There is so much work behind the scenes. It’s actually a job.”
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His latest job is The Guilt Trip, an epic road-trip comedy pairing Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen as a mother-son duo stuck together on an endless highway. Hanks plays the husband of Rogen’s high-school crush and, though the two actors came of age together in Hollywood, the movie is their first collaboration.

“I’ve known Seth since he was on Freaks and Geeks,” Hanks says. “We’d known each other so long that we always assumed we’d worked together, but then we started talking about it and realized that we hadn’t!”

So, did Hanks’ famous father, Tom, subject Colin to his fair share of family road trips growing up? “Oh God, yes,” he laughs. But while recalling one of his favorite recent treks, the younger Hanks — who became a first-time dad when he and his wife ­welcomed daughter Olivia in February 2011 — admits his cross-country cruising days may be numbered. “My wife and I camped at Zion National Park in Utah and then in Colorado on the way to a shoot in Iowa. It was great. Though now that I have a kid, I don’t know that I’m going to be doing any of this.”

Instead, in his spare time, Hanks is focused on a passion project he’s been working on for five years — making a documentary about the rise and fall of Tower Records. “Not a lot of people know the full history of the company and how it started,” Hanks explains. “Its history coincides with a unique time in pop culture that will never be replicated again.”