Thinking small is a good thing, if you’re a visitor at the American Museum of Miniature Arts in Dallas’ popular West End district. The 18,000-square-foot gallery houses more than 25,000 tiny treasures, and we’re not just talking dollhouses.

Short soldiers replicate famous battle scenes, like the Assyrians storming an Egyptian fortress. Napoleon leads his French army against the British, while the teeny troops of Alexander the Great conquer the world. Toy trains round the track in a fun interactive display, and the great gift shop tempts you to collect. Exact-scale replicas of fine antiques, hand-blown glass objects, books, and intricately carved furniture round out the wee wonderland.

“Botanical Fantasy” currently fills the museum, along with “Egg-citing Miniatures.” A jumbo miniature event May 11 through 13 offers workshops and sales of miniature collectibles from around the world. Museum admission is $3-$5. (214) 969-5502;