Before it was called Celebrated Weekend, our signature column featuring a celebrity talking about a particular city was known as Celebrated Places. With Mark Seal at the helm as the celebs writer, it debuted on December 1, 1990, and featured "Jackie Collins's Hollywood." The name was changed to Celebrated Weekend in September 1996.

With our April 15, 1999, issue, we began consistently putting celebrities on the cover as part of this feature.

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American Way's editorial staff was brought in-house in 1972, making it the first - and to this day, the only - airline magazine to be produced within an airline. Led by Glen Walker, this staff would lay the blueprint for the magazine you read today.


In 1973, Walker brought author Granville Hicks and chef James Beard onboard as regular contributors. In 1974, he added Isaac Asimov to the list.

Sam Greengard holds the record for being the writer who has been with American Way the longest. He began writing for AW in 1985 and has stayed with us ever since. (In fact, you can read one of his stories in this issue, on page 44.)

In 1986, American Way's production, advertising/sales, finance, and art departments were all brought in-house, and an American Airlines publishing company was formed. It was called AA Magazine Publications.

In March 1996, AA Magazine Publications was renamed American Airlines Inflight Media. In May 1997, it became American Airlines Publishing, which it remains today.

The six employees who have worked at American Airlines Publishing the longest have given American a combined total of 103 years of service. They are Janice Dickerson (20 years), John Depew (20 years), Jona Cherry (18 years), Marilyn Calley (18 years), Eva Wojnar (17 years), and David Moreno (16 years). They continue on a daily basis to share their enormous wealth of knowledge with the rest of us.