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Third-Prize Winner / Dave Reynolds / Home Base: Raleigh, N.C. / Occupation: Market manager, Buhler Aeroglide / Miles flown in 2010: 169,676
Dave’s Wardrobe: Salvatore Ferragamo suit and Damiani shirt and tie, Damiani Italian Clothing For Men, (305) 661-0002, www.damianistores.com
Jeffery Salter

Dave Reynolds, Third-Prize Winner

AW: In your contest entry, you wrote that one of the 10 reasons you deserved to be a RW was because you changed “marital status, mailing address and jobs in 2011 … and still cleared Executive Platinum status with ease.” How do you juggle it all?
DR: I make the best use of my time on the road, so I have more quality time at home. The airplane is my second office, and I can get a lot of work done at 30,000 feet. My wife travels for work, too, and she understands the intricate nuances that come with life on the road. We also have great family and friends who welcome us home, trip after trip.

AW: For your photo shoot, you had to jog on the beach, run (repeatedly) up and down the stairs at the AA Arena, and heft a surfboard over your head for indefinite periods of time. How did it stack up to your usual workouts?
DR: There are typically no paparazzi allowed at my workouts. Running the beach with a surfboard and the steps at the arena were definitely more interesting than my workouts on the road, which typically consist of a stationary bike, treadmill and maybe, just maybe, if I’m lucky, a set of free weights.
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AW: Any interest in taking up surfing now?
DR: You may see me at the beach this summer … but it will probably be on my way to go fishing.

AW: What is your best memory from your Miami RW experience?
DR: It’s difficult to choose. Being treated like a celebrity and pampered by the AW and Samsung crew was excellent. Making new friends, going to the Heat game, running on the beach.

AW: In all your travels, business or leisure, what has been your favorite place to visit?
DR: I’ve been fortunate to travel to more than 70 countries, have experienced many cultures and met some wonderful people. But my favorite place to visit is “anywhere USA" — from small towns to big cities, sunny beaches to ski resorts. To me, the United States of America is the best place in the world.

AW: Where’s the first place you’ll visit using your newly won AAdvantage miles?
DR: Actually, we just used them for an anniversary trip to Curaçao to swim with the dolphins.