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Third-Prize Winner / Bruce Cacho-Negrete / Home base: Glendale, Calif. / Occupation: Financial planner, The Starner Group of Raymond James and Associates / Miles flown in 2010: 143,035
Bruce’s Wardrobe: Zanetti jacket and pant, at Damiani Italian Clothing For Men, (305) 661-0002, www.damianistores.com; vintage bow tie and shoe, and Christian Dior sunglasses, at C. Madeleine’s, (305) 945-7770, www.cmadeleines.com; vintage hat and shirt, stylist's own
Jeffery Salter

Bruce Cacho-Negrete, Third-Prize Winner

AW: You’re a financial planner; yet, a little birdie told us that you also happened to have written/directed the movie Liars Club. How did this come about?
BCN: One of my best friends was an aspiring actor and also a child genius — he attended college with me when he was only 16. We came up with the idea to co-write a movie about his experiences adapting to life at such a young age. I spent about half my life on planes, so I had plenty of time to write. Fortunately, a producer in Los Angeles liked the script enough to help turn it into a movie. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a very good movie — and by “not very good,” I mean pretty bad.

AW: Any more movies up your sleeve? Possibly one about a financial planner with a die-hard fruitcake addiction? (Your wife sold you out.)
BCN: I love fruitcake. What’s not to like? It’s fruit and cake. I have no idea why people despise it so much. Fruitcake has a shelf life of about three centuries and plenty of fiber to keep you regular. In fact, I have about 200 pounds of it buried in a fallout shelter under my house. When the apocalypse comes, I’ll be ready and assured of good digestive health. In terms of another movie, most people I know would prefer to eat all 200 pounds of fruitcake stored under my house in one sitting than watch my first movie in its entirety, so I doubt it.
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AW: In all your travels, business or leisure, what has been your favorite place to visit?
BCN: I went to New Zealand for my honeymoon. In the same day, we visited a sunny beach, a rain forest and a snow-covered glacier. Best. Day. Ever. Unfortunately, the next day my wife talked me into tandem skydiving. I’ve never been so scared. I wanted to scream the whole way down, but I was strapped to an instructor who was 4 foot 6, and I was afraid I might inadvertently swallow him, thus sending myself on a two-mile death plunge.

AW: What is one tip you’d give your fellow frequent travelers?
BCN: Next time you have a delay, be nice to the gate agents. It’s not their fault. In fact, they're probably more bummed out than you are that your flight isn’t on time — now they have to deal with you yelling at them for another hour. Also, floss regularly. That goes for non-Road Warriors too.