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Second-Prize Winner / Claire Luna / Home base: Aliso Viejo, Calif. / Occupation: Vice president, Jury Impact / Miles flown in 2010: 101,220 Claire’s Wardrobe: Vintage dress, gloves and sunglasses, and StyleCraft purse, at C. Madeleine’s, (305) 945-7770, www.cmadeleines.com; Charles Albert necklace, (800) 410-1112, www.charlesalbert.com; Vintage Guess shoe, stylist's own
Jeffery Salter

Claire Luna, Second-Prize Winner

AW: As a jury consultant, you travel all over the country. How many trips a month do you take? What’s a recent sample itinerary?
CL: I am on the road virtually every week — most of the time for focus groups and some of the time to attend trials and help lawyers select juries. In January alone, I flew 19,000 miles. This included jury selection in Jacksonville, Fla., and focus groups in Baltimore, San Diego, Minneapolis and Albuquerque, N.M., with the Road Warrior photo shoot in Miami shoehorned in there as well. There are only four states our company hasn’t done work in — so if any potential clients in the Dakotas, Alaska or Hawaii are reading this, please call us!
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AW: You’ve also worked as a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, and you did ride-alongs with the LAPD gang unit. So how does moonlighting as a model for a four-day RW photo shoot compare?
CL: I’ve never felt so spoiled in my life: professional hair and makeup for every single location, along with amazing vintage clothing and fantastic accessories. Contrast that with the bulletproof vest I wore on ride-alongs and the grungy shoes I wore in case I stepped in blood, and I’ll take the modeling gig any day.

AW: What is your best memory from your Miami RW experience?
CL: I made some wonderful friends. I like to say the best friends are the kind you can have fun with in line at the DMV, meaning you don’t need outside entertainment to carry the day. Everyone on the trip — the other Road Warriors, the magazine editors and the guests — was that kind of person.

AW: In all your travels, business or leisure, what has been your favorite place to visit?
CL: That’s a tough call between Chicago or Madrid. Chicago is just an absolutely perfect city of sports and culture and food and architecture and friendly people. But Madrid is where I feel culturally at home, as I used to visit my grandfather in Spain when I was little; even today I embrace the Spanish way of passionately enjoying friends, food, music and life. I think I need to visit both cities again before making my final decision — all in the name of research, of course.

AW: Where’s the first place you’ll visit using your newly won AAdvantage miles?
CL: I’ll use them to fly to Brazil. And I’ll also use some to fly first class on the new 787 when it starts its routes to [London] Heathrow.