I always read through American Way while traveling. The July 1 issue caught my eye because of the Andrew Garfield-as-?Spider-Man cover story. I read and enjoyed that article, titled “The Reluctant Hero.” Then I saw the USO ad on page 14, which showed a real-life hero — a wounded U.S. veteran with a prosthetic leg — and that gave me pause to consider heroism. The article “Soul Food” defined a real-life hero in another light: the rising star who gave up his fast-track chef’s career to care for his son. I was so moved and impressed by that story and by the Nguyens’ heroism as a natural extension of committed parenthood in difficult situations. Many families of veterans and special-needs children deal with heroic struggles on a continual basis but so often go unnoticed. Thank you for including this inspirational article in the magazine.
John R. Fox, Dallas

Managing Editor Travis Kinsey Responds: Thank you, John, for this great note. We’re really glad you enjoyed the issue so much. We, too, were very impressed by Dee Nguyen’s sacrifices so he could be there for his child. That kind of devotion definitely makes a hero.

Being an upcoming CFO, reading magazines like Forbes and Kiplinger are a must to stay in tune with critical information and philosophies. As a traveler, I find that American Way is a refreshing change from SkyMall. This magazine has lots of great information on places to go and ways to save money. I am looking forward to my next trip on American Airlines, because I need to read the latest issue of American Way.
Brian Ezell, Fort Walton Beach, Fla.

T.K. responds: We’re flattered, Brian, that an up-and-coming success story such as yourself enjoys American Way so much, given the number of other publications you have to make time for. We will continue to keep churning out compelling reading material for your future American Airlines flights.


I want to thank you for including the article “An Old Star Shines” in the June 15 issue of American Way. As a meeting-and-event planner who recently booked Nashville as a destination for a 5,000-person conference at the Music City Convention Center, I felt the article highlighted all of the city’s attractions, culture, restaurants and, of course, music.

I also want to tell you what happened on my recent flight back from LAX to DFW. As I was about to deplane, I realized I hadn’t read the latest copy of American Way. So, I decided to take the complimentary copy with me. The woman across the aisle from me said, “Can you take that magazine; is it free?” I replied and said, “Yes, it’s free and actually, American Airlines encourages passengers to take it with them.” Somehow, it was like a domino effect from Row 10 all the way back to Row 30. Everybody was reaching for their copy of the magazine. I can only imagine what the flight attendants were thinking when they realized they had to restock so many copies.
Jason Ware, Dallas

Editor Adam Pitluk Responds: Seriously? This sounds like a perfect premise for a commercial. Everyone reading this now, please take your magazine and put it in your carry-on. Thanks, Jason, for increasing our circulation.

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I have traveled on American Airlines and flown more than 3.5 million miles. This has ?provided me with the opportunity to read many issues of American Way. I can honestly tell you that I enjoy reaching into the pouch in front of me and finding an updated copy to read during my many flights.

Although I have read many of the issues, the story on Chris Colfer and his new adventure in writing (“The Write Stuff,” July 15) really caught my eye. Your story prompted me to go out and purchase the book. I enjoyed reading it and plan on sharing it with my grandchildren. Did I forget to mention that I am a “gleek” and enjoy watching Glee every week? There is a lot of talent on that TV show.

Keep up the good work with American Way. When you fly, there are limited entertainment choices. I look forward to seeing and reviewing American Way.
Steven Schiff, McKinney, Texas

Associate Editor Jessica Jones Responds: I’m glad you enjoyed the story. If you’re a die-hard Gleek, you’ll definitely want to read our cover profile on Jane Lynch (aka Sue Sylvester) from our Oct. 1, 2011, issue. My editor, Adam Pitluk, and I nearly split our sides watching “Best of Sue Sylvester” compilations on YouTube as we tried to come up with a cover line for that issue. Thanks for flying AA and for reading American Way.

Every time I fly on AA I like to read your magazine, no matter what book I bring with me. I always find interesting articles. I didn’t know that Saint Florian was the Patron of firefighters (“Patron Saint,” Aug. 1), and I find it very interesting to confirm that in every culture we always have the need to believe in something more powerful than we that can protect us. After all the scientific discoveries, we still need to believe in something that we cannot explain. I don’t know why, but that can help us to do amazing things, like putting our lives in danger to rescue others. I will pray to Saint Florian to keep all firemen safe.
Zuleika Morales Valenzuela, Monterrey, Mexico

A.P. Responds: I agree 100 percent, Zuleika. Thanks for the note.