I enjoy all of American Way, but I especially chuckled at two pieces in the December 15, 2008 issue: Adam Pitluks editorial (Just in Case: I Apologize) and Jim Shahins A New Years Toast: to Endings. I cant be the only person in the world who finds holidays stressful, especially with regard to the expectation to be happy. As a recent widow, I feel more alone than usual, despite the fact that I was traveling on American Airlines to meet my son in Florida for a precious few days together. He works in Moscow, Russia, so our together time is extra rare. Thanks for making me laugh during the trip!

Carole Spearin McCauley, Hanover, New Hampshire


I enjoyed your magazine during a recent trip from Albuquerque to Washington, D.C. I enjoyed the articles and especially the fact that you chose not to do what a lot of magazines do, which is start an article and then continue it somewhere in the back. The fact that I could just turn the page and follow the articles was very pleasant. The green-fuel article (One Word: Plastics Algae, December 15, 2008) was quite interesting. I knew that the University of North Dakota had developed a biofuel for general aviation and wondered if there were any thoughts of it being developed for jets.

Rose Marie Kern, Lockheed Martins Albuquerque Automated Flight Service Station

ADAM PITLUK RESPONDS: Thank you so much for the very kind note, Rose Marie. I really appreciate your taking the time to write. It bugs me, too, when articles jump to the back of the magazine. And I got a kick out of that green-fuel story. Keep up the great work with Lockheed, one of my favorite companies. All the best.


Im a frequent-flier on American Airlines, and during all my travels, I have been in contact with a lot of your employees. You can see and feel when people are enjoying their jobs, and I have seen a lot of crew members and land staff transmit their happiness to the passengers and help to make every trip a great experience. Every time I see this, I always tell crew members a phrase that I would like to invite all other passengers to tell them. When a crew member says, Thank you for flying with us!, I respond with, Thank you, because I feel so lucky to be on the same flight with you, or Thanks for helping to make this trip a reason to fly with AA again. You cannot imagine the faces of these people when I say this, and Im sure that if everybody thanks them in this way, they will keep giving their best effort with other passengers.

Felipe Escoto, Grapevine, Texas