As Halloween approaches, we take a look at the month's movies to see if they're tricks or treats. And yes, we know most of them have nothing to do with ghouls and goblins. Don't blow our premise. Packaging these previews is tough enough. By Zac Crain

The Grudge 2

The Stars:
Amber Tamblyn, Jennifer Beals

The Skinny: Tamblyn proves that being sisters with Sarah Michelle Gellar (on film, at least) is no picnic, as the curse that troubled Gellar's Karen Davis in the first installment has now attached itself to her sister Aubrey (Tamblyn). Which obviously means the creepy white wraith with the huge eyes is back too. Unfortunate.

The Verdict: Trick

Man of the Year

The Stars:
Robin Williams, Lewis Black

The Skinny: I'd imagine this movie was sold by the following sentence: "The Daily Show's Jon Stewart runs for president." (And, as the trailer lets slip, he actually wins.) Too bad Williams is nothing like Stewart. He's about as subtle as a 10-pound sledge being swung around a room full of Baccarat crystal.

The Verdict: Trick


The Stars:
Toby Jones, Sandra Bullock, Daniel Craig

The Skinny: Truman Capote travels to Kansas to research his book In Cold Blood and cozies up to two convicted killers. What? No, it's nothing like Capote; why do you ask? Okay, fine, it covers pretty much the exact ground as the movie Philip Seymour Hoffman earned an Oscar for does. But here's the thing: Jones is supposedly Hoffman's equal as Capote. Hey, I'm just the messenger.

The Verdict: Treat

The Marine

The Stars: John Cena, Kelly Carlson

The Skinny: A marine (WWE star Cena) comes back from the battlefield to find his lady mixed up in some sort of kidnapping business. I actually thought this costarred Kelly Clarkson for a second. Not sure if that would make it better. Given her track record (From Justin to Kelly), probably not.

The Verdict: Trick