Go Light
Amazon Light is the perfect site for the Amazon shopper who thinks that just enough is the right amount. Let’s face it: Sometimes Amazon’s customer service is just a little too helpful. Sometimes all that customization and all of those shopping bells and whistles get a little too intrusive. And sometimes, damn it, all you want to do is look up the name of a book!

Go Grave Robbing
Did you ever wonder where Web sites go when they die? Now you know! When we last checked in at DeletedDomains.com, the counter read 27,576,350 domains registered, 719,492 on hold, and 17,219,999 deleted. That’s a lot of dead domains, and this site offers you a fun way to find great (available) names or just to check your hunch on trends in business culture. Think of it as a field trip to the elephant graveyard of the Web.

Go Geek
Looking for a Linux blanket or a circuit-board tie? How about a Lord of the Rings board game for a little fun or a few Energy Mints for a little pep? At this site, gadgets, games, stuff to wear, caffeinated products, and more can delight your inner geek. Or it might be just the place to find the perfect geeky gift. (Don’t worry — you don’t really have to be a geek. You just have to think like one when you get to the site.)