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Underwear? Check. Suntan lotion? Roger that. Passport and shades? Yep. So far, so good. Enough jaw-dropping electronics to keep even the most demanding gadget head gleefully tapping buttons from here to Bermuda? Hmmm. No? Then you’d better see the following handy guide to all the hottest high-tech wonders this summer.

1 Nintendo DSi, $170

The touch-sensitive portable video game system’s newest rendition adds twin digital cameras, doubles as a music player, can record 18 10-second audio clips, and (hallelujah) introduces on-demand game downloads. www.nintendo.com

2 Amazon Kindle, $359

Wirelessly retrieve and savor thousands of best-selling novels using the freshly revamped king of eBook readers, which sheds weight and girth while introducing an experimental Text-to-Speech feature and a sharper 16-color grayscale display. www.amazon.com

3 Apple iPod Shuffle, $79

The already minimalistic music player shrinks to the size of an AA battery, ups storage space to 4GB (or about 1,000 songs), and conveys artist, track, and playlist info by literally speaking them out loud. www.apple.com

4 Palm Pre, $199 with contract and rebate

This high-profile iPhone rival scores with its slick industrial aesthetic, sliding QWERTY keyboard, high-speed Internet access, and GPS capabilities, plus a multitouch screen that lets you multitask by shuffling between applications like virtual playing cards. www.palm.com

5 Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX580, $400

Snap 12.1MP photos using a 5X optical zoom and a wide-angle lens, then browse images on a three-inch touch-screen LCD display with this sexy shooter, which can memorize, tag, and target friends’ smiling faces. www.panasonic.com

6 Kodak Zx1, $150

This budget-friendly pocket camcorder is made for thrill seekers who’ll dig the colorful device’s weather-resistant design, low-light shooting capabilities, and ability to store 10 hours of 720p (high-definition) video on interchangeable SD cards. www.kodak.com