Courtesy Alec Ounsworth

With Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s newest album, the band’s creativity comes full circle.

For Alec Ounsworth, the creative force behind indie rock outfit Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, the band’s latest album, Only Run (CYHSY, Inc., $12), represents both a new start and business as usual.

Following the group’s previous LP, 2011’s Hysterical, Ounsworth chose to record this album — the band’s fourth — at his Philadelphia home. Ounsworth spent considerable time refining the songs, much as he did on CYHSY’s first record, its self-titled 2005 debut. “On that album, most every song had gone through about six or seven variations until it got to where I wanted it to be,” he says. “To a large degree, that’s how I worked on this one too.”

While Only Run evinces a strong cohesiveness, the record doesn’t veer into the realm of the concept LP. “I just want to make sure all the songs hang together as an album,” he says.

Although there’ll be comparisons to CYHSY’s dynamic debut, Ounsworth sees his latest work as a natural progression. “My understanding of how to make a record is more evolved,” he says. “As far as some sort of personal or aesthetic evolution, I don’t think about that. I’ve never made a conscious effort to evolve, but it’s happened anyway.”