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Alec Baldwin lives (and loves) the good life of a famous actor. But this savvy star wants more.

To begin to understand what it’s like to be Alec Baldwin, spend a lazy, late-afternoon hour with him in the window seat of a café in Manhattan. Sitting with a good view of the street (and conversely, a good view of the recognizable actor from the street), Baldwin begins conversation midsentence, declaring that “iPads are for girls.” A moment later, he’s pulling from a FedEx envelope handwritten correspondence with Benjamin Steele, a 93-year-old survivor of the Bataan Death March, which impossibly segues to Baldwin’s reveal in a gravelly stage whisper that, just before he had arrived at the Upper East Side eatery, he’d just screened the “most depressing movie I’ve seen in five years” (Inside Job) — and then there’s an interruption.

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Alec Baldwin as Blake in the 1992 ­indie film Glengarry Glen Ross
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“Hi, Alec, I’d like to give you a great product to try. Just real quick,” says a harried woman who spotted Baldwin from across the street and invited herself to the table. She later identifies herself as an attorney and a cousin of Nikki Haskell, the woman behind Star Caps diet pills, which were found to contain a diuretic ingredient that had been banned by the NFL. But in the meantime, she’s got a skin product for Baldwin. “This is microdermabrasion on a stick. What you do is you just wet the stick. You know all about sticks. Massage a little on your face. Get creamy. Use it just before you shave. OK? Enjoy.”

A polite, grateful Baldwin sits his new skin-care stick alongside the table’s salt and pepper shakers and, with a grin, sums up the five surreal minutes that just passed, asking, “Can there possibly be anything left to say?”

That seems to be the million-dollar question most on the mind of Baldwin, an accidental actor who hints that he’s quitting the business entirely in the next two years. That’s right: Alec Baldwin could be done with acting.