Whether you prefer them warm or chilled, these three mighty ales will make you misty for jolly old England.
There will always be an England, or so we've been assured. I think we can assume, too, that there will always be English ale. Ever since the Dark Ages, when the medieval monster Grendel regularly devoured Beowulf's companions in the meadhall (probably helping himself to a flagon or two of mead as a wash-down), the Anglo-Saxons have loved their brews.

Things have gotten a little more civilized since the days of Beowulf and Grendel. In fact, my first taste of proper English beer was on an unusually hot summer's day in London. As parched as anybody can get within sight of the river Thames, I stepped into the first pub I saw for a cold one. Instead of refreshment, what I got was a lukewarm bitter, served unpressurized. The only way I managed to down it was to close my eyes and think of England.

Luckily, for those of us who like our beer cold, many of England's finest beers also come in bottles that can be chucked into the fridge and cooled down to the chilly temperature of, say, an Oxford don lecturing on theology. These bottles are from three diverse breweries in different parts of England, but they all have the distinctive, full-flavored English style, as well as a quirky British sense of humor in the labeling. Drink them warm or cool. It's your shilling.