The world is cyclical. Look at the tides, fashion trends and our on-again, off-again status with our ex as proof. And just as our feelings for old flames tend to ebb and flow with the seasons, movie plotlines are frequently recycled — each time with pretty new packaging in the form of different actors, a fresh setting or funny regional accents. These five new flicks, in particular, ring a bell.

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How Do You Know? is the new … Sweet Home Alabama
Reese Witherspoon plays a woman torn between two men (Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson). The only thing missing from her Alabama gig is her thick Southern twang — and that memorable Tiffany proposal.

The Company Men is the new … Up in the Air
Another bleak tale of corporate downsizing and the emotional effects of unemployment. But rather than George Clooney delivering the blows, this one has Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones and Chris Cooper feeling the brunt.

The Fighter is the new … The Wrestler
A washed-up boxer with family troubles, played by Mark Wahlberg, prepares for the fight of his life with the help of his encouraging girlfriend (with Amy Adams filling in for Marisa Tomei).

Country Strong is the new … Crazy Heart
Gwyneth Paltrow plays a down-on-her-luck country singer (drinking problem? Check!) who’s trying to make a comeback and steal the spotlight back from a hot up-and-comer.

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The Tourist is the new … Mission: Impossible
A spy thriller involving a beautiful seductress (Angelina Jolie) set against a pretty European backdrop? Sounds familiar. Only this time, the protagonist — played by Johnny Depp — is an unwitting accomplice.