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Who knew that Dyson could one-up itself, but it has. The vacuum-cleaner brand known for having the most powerful sucking machines on the market just got a little more sucky -- and by that, we mean even more powerful. The DC28 Animal boasts the company’s new Airmuscle technology, a patented and aptly named trifecta of cleaning power that’s a guaranteed dirt buster, whatever the floor surface you’re tackling. Granted, the newest addition to the family isn’t quite as agile as its cousins in the yellow-ball line, but that’s quite all right, because what it lacks in maneuvering capabilities it makes up for with the Airmuscle technology’s three showstopping features: the ability to move the brush bar to your desired height (using fingertip controls, no less) without moving the entire cleaner head (hence, no gap in suction); a pneumatic actuator that pulls the cleaner head to the floor, sealing it just so; and a high-torque clutch (no, we’re not talking about a car; it really has a clutch) that pushes the brush bar deep into the carpet to knock dirt loose. All in all, it’s just the beast you need on your side next time you’re wrestling those dust bunnies. $600. www.dyson.com