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We enjoy hearing what you think about the magazine — so much so that if your letter to the editor is published in a 2013 issue, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win 100,000 AAdvantage­ miles. Want a chance at the miles? Simply email your thoughts to us at

As soon as the “shut down all electronic devices” announcement is made, I do just that and pull out American Way, which never fails to get me in the traveling mood. Your destination features are well researched and cleverly written, your profiles are amusing, your photos make me start planning my next sojourn, and I love the Mensa quizzes. Every now and then, one of your articles, such as your July 15 cover story on the ­recent Medal of Honor winners (“Capital of Heroes”) stays with me long after I’ve read it. I found myself in awe of the courage and sacrifices of the extraordinary recipients. I felt even more vindicated in my choice of airline upon learning of American’s extensive efforts to support our troops and honor the recipients. Immediately after landing, I logged onto the site to find out how I could assist, as suggested in Tom Horton’s “Vantage Point.” Thank you for not only inspiring me to get involved but also for providing me the means to do so.
Linda Thieman, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
EDITOR ADAM PITLUK RESPONDS: The Medal of Honor recipients represent the best this country has to offer, Linda. And yet, by all accounts, they are the most selfless, down-to-earth people we’ll ever meet. It was our pleasure and our privilege to feature them in that issue.

There’s nothing better than opening a magazine and seeing your experience reflected on its pages. I read Michael Ventre’s article on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (“From Dream to Reality,” Aug. 15) while flying to Boston, where I will begin a Ph.D. program at Harvard. To be honest, I was quite nervous to take this flight. I am a low-income, first-­generation Mexican-American, and I will begin a new chapter in my life at one of the most challenging and prestigious universities in the world. I deeply enjoyed the background and historical analysis of Dr. King’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech. Aside from providing me with interesting facts about one of the most famous speeches in America’s history, it gave me hope knowing that even Dr. King doubted himself. I want to thank American Way for providing us with articles that not only teach us but which also inspire us to continue achieving our own personal dreams.
Roberto Flotte, Presidio, Texas
WRITER MICHAEL VENTRE RESPONDS: Dr. ­Clarence Benjamin Jones may not be a household name, Roberto, but the message that he helped Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. bring to every household in America — and to every household in the world, for that matter — has resonated with humanity for the past 50 years and will continue to do so. It was a great honor and privilege to speak with him and to hear his story.

The story on Debbie Mielewski and her team at Ford Motor Co. (“The Greening of Auto Parts”) was an unexpected surprise in your Aug. 1 issue. There were several aspects I loved about this article. One is that Ford has brilliant women in its labs thinking about the future. The products that are developed also lower the need for petroleum products in the production of automobiles. And lastly, more green products in cars in the future is good news for our children, who will inherit the planet. Kudos to Ford and to your staff for sharing such a relevant article.
Karen L. Rowe, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
ASSOCIATE EDITOR JAN HUBBARD RESPONDS: What we found in that article, Karen, is that all involved — including Debbie, her staff and Ford executives — are devoted, creative people who have the best interests of the planet in mind. And that is impressive.

I was thrilled to see your Aug. 15 article “Feel Healthy In Flight.” A young friend of mine recently developed a blood clot in his leg from traveling only five hours in a car. As a registered nurse, I have lectured patients about measures to prevent deep-vein thrombosis. The article was very insightful and helpful for those young and old. The in-flight exercises and tips on wearing comfortable clothes and hydrating were important yet easy ways to prevent blood clots while in flight. I thank you for offering such an important article to your readers.
Susan Coco, New Orleans
“NAVIGATE” EDITOR JENNIFER NORRIS RESPONDS: When we began the process of redesigning the Passenger Information Pages, Susan, we worked hard to look at all of the different aspects of flying and how they may affect our customers, staying healthy, comfortable and safe being at the forefront. We’re glad you found the page helpful, and we hope other passengers will too.

Remember that old saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover”? Don’t believe it — at least for American Way. The mouth-watering­ photo of that buttermilk-fried chicken breast on the Aug. 15 cover was a feast for the eyes. I was ready to take a fork to it. Hats off to photographer Taylor Mathis. Because of that photo, I not only read about Charlotte, I also read everything else featured in the magazine. Great work.
Alfreda Iglehart, Los Angeles
DESIGN DIRECTOR DAVID W. RADABAUGH RESPONDS: Thank you for the kind words, Alfreda. Would you believe I’m a vegetarian? Of course, I didn’t design the cover for me; it’s for you. I firmly believe that if we give our passengers a satisfying taste of what they want, a generous serving of what they need and top it all off with a few welcome surprises, our efforts will be appreciated. This isn’t rocket science; it’s simply putting the passenger first. Bon appétit!