I always travel with extra entertainment: my iPod, a book to read (maybe two) and often a crossword puzzle and a pen. On my most recent American Airlines flight, however, I found myself with only a book I had already finished and an iPod without a charge. I was anticipating that the time would drag on without my go-to time-passers.

I fly American Airlines frequently, but I had never picked up American Way. What a pleasant surprise it was to find an in-flight magazine with interesting articles covering a wide range of topics. Soon, my anxiety about the in-flight entertainment turned to delight as I read about new music, history and personal stories. The flight attendant was even nice enough to bring me a pen so I could complete the crossword puzzle in the issue. American Way made all the difference on my flight, and I would recommend it to anyone traveling — even someone with a fully charged music player.
Julia Kester, Cambridge, Mass.

MANAGING EDITOR TRAVIS KINSEY RESPONDS: Thank you so much, Julia, for such kind words about American Way. We’re glad to know that you so thoroughly enjoyed the issue. In case you didn’t know, we publish twice a month, on the 1st and the 15th of each month — and both issues are free for customers. Take ’em with you!


What a humbling experience to fly back to El Paso, Texas, this week with a fallen soldier on his last journey. There was an unbelievable process in place with American Airlines to ensure a smooth and gracious final flight, including informing the passengers, who all stood while the casket was loaded and who stayed on the plane upon touchdown so he could be first off. Much acknowledgement to everyone at American Airlines for their handling, both in Dallas and El Paso. It was so sad to see his family waiting on the tarmac when we landed. I was thankful my young boys got to witness this and understand the sacrifices that are made for them every day.
Steve Rudderham, El Paso, Texas

EDITOR ADAM PITLUK RESPONDS: What a touching note, Steve. We are deeply moved. God bless our armed forces.

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Being a frequent flier and among the first Platinum-card holders of American Airlines, I have been an avid reader of American Way for quite some time. I enjoy the timeliness of the articles about travel, fashion trends and events going on all around the country; the interviews; and in particular, the puzzle section. On many occasions, I have taken the issue with me to finish certain articles or to show it to friends when something has struck me as extraordinarily interesting. The quality of the magazine’s appearance, subject matter and substance — even the advertisements — puts it in a league with top periodicals. I look forward to reading American Way on my next trip and also in the Admirals Club while awaiting my flight. Thank you for great reading.
Marc Daniels, Miami 

SENIOR EDITOR ANNA FIALHO RESPONDS: We’re glad to hear that you enjoy the magazine, Marc. It’s our job to keep abreast of all the new trends so we can then pass the word on to you, our valued readers. I hope we can continue to keep you informed and entertained.


I was flying and saw the Aug. 1 issue of American Way. I was impressed with the amount of support that American Airlines gives our troops and that American Way ?publicizes that support of the American service member. A lot of people say they support our troops, but it takes it to a whole different level when you’re willing to walk in our shoes. I was also pleased to see that you were putting out updates about “Operation: Grandma Sally.” I fly through DFW quite a bit, and I send even more troops through DFW, and it is great to know that there are still Americans who are willing to do something as simple as buy a service member a meal. Most troops are not looking for a lot of attention, but when someone does something like buy their food or even a cup of coffee, it does mean the world. At least to this one it does. Again, thank you.
Master Sgt. Andrew Sigstad,
Sheppard Air Force Base, Wichita Falls, Texas

A.P. RESPONDS: Receiving this email from you was a true honor, Master Sgt. Sigstad. Thank you for your comments and for taking time to recognize that American Airlines and American Way are behind you 100 percent.


I enjoyed reading your Aug. 15 story “A Weekend in: Marilyn Monroe’s Los ?Angeles.” Growing up in L.A. during the 1950s and early 1960s, I recall the exciting history from a different era and am pleased that many of the places of my youth have been refurbished and allow us to revisit the Hollywood era of years past. In addition to the historic sites mentioned, your article brought back so many other memories of our hangouts, such as Pink’s Hot Dogs on LaBrea, Bob’s Big Boy in Van Nuys and the Whiskey a Go Go and Pandora’s Box on Sunset Boulevard. Thanks so much for the memories. As an AAdvantage? Gold member as we plan our retirement in Colombia, I look forward to enjoying ?American Way on our regular trips between Colombia and the U.S.
Rob Simmons, Landenberg, Pa. 

EDITOR JESSICA JONES RESPONDS: I love hearing that we were able to bring back some good memories of your childhood in Los Angeles. And from one chapter of life to another, we look forward to keeping you company during your retirement.