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I was traveling on business to Europe but one of my flights was canceled, keeping my outbound flight on American but putting my return flight with another airline. It was not until I traveled with the other airline that I came to fully appreciate AA’s quality of service. On the other airline, I flew in an average, relatively old airplane. With American,­ I got the chance to fly in the new 777-300ER with the highest level of service and amenities (even though I was in the Main Cabin). Since my seat with the other airline didn’t have a power outlet for my laptop and the entertainment system was failing, I opted to read their magazine. I couldn’t even finish one of the articles, as I found nothing of interest. With the July 15 issue of American Way, I enjoyed every section, from the “Editor’s Note” to the last article. I have advised my company’s travel office to put me only on AA flights from now on.
Jorge Varona, Aguascalientes, Mexico 

Editor Adam Pitluk Responds: This is excellent news, Jorge! Thanks for the insight, and we look forward to seeing you on more AA flights in the future.

The July 15 issue of American Way, with ­stories about our American heroes, was even more impactful for me because I was traveling to Millersburg, Ky., to attend the graduation ceremonies for my 14-year-old nephew, Cole. He decided to forgo a lazy summer before ninth grade to attend the U.S. Army Cadet Military Training Institute for a course in basic training and leadership. It was a grueling four weeks of physical­ training, classroom work and boots on the ground and in the mud on maneuvers training. I am proud to say that he made it through with no video games, iPhone or Twitter. As an Air Force brat growing up on bases all over, I loved reading about our Medal of Honor recipients and remembering ­stories about Audie Murphy, who worked on my great uncle’s family farm in East Texas before joining the Army. In watching my nephew along with boys from all over, I was reminded of what it means to live in this country and of those who choose to spend their lives in defense of our freedom. I am proud to fly with an airline that provides our returning servicemen and women with support. Thanks for the great stories. I’m looking forward to the next issue.
Pam Burney, Hurst, Texas  

Managing Editor Travis Kinsey Responds: Cole sounds like an outstanding young man, Pam. While many of his peers spent their summers camped out in front of the TV, he chose to do something truly worthwhile and life-­improving. Good for him. It looks like our Medal of Honor issue was perfectly timed to enhance your trip as you went to watch Cole graduate.

I recently read your article on Armie Hammer, “The One & Only,” in the July 1 issue. I take an American flight from DFW to San Antonio each Tuesday, so I’m always excited to read the featured articles. I was surprised to see that Armie Hammer and his wife actually own a business and a home in San Antonio very close to my office. Two days after reading the article, I took two other ladies in my office over to the Bird Bakery that he owns to eat lunch and to get a cupcake. It’s one of our new favorite places for lunch now. We’re hoping one day Armie may be in there. Thanks to you at American Way for introducing us to a local gem.
Kelly Morton, Keller, Texas   

Senior Editor Jessica Jones Responds: As someone who loves discovering and sharing new places, I love that we could be the ones to introduce you to Bird Bakery, Kelly. I was lucky enough to interview Armie there, and I really did fall in love. (With the place, that is.)

I recently read the article on the Medal of Honor recipients in American Way (“Capital of Heroes,” July 15). Most Americans would do anything to save or rescue a family member, but these brave souls do that for those they do not even know. I am proud to be an American, and I pray for our servicemen and women every day. They keep us safe with the brave acts of enormous courage they perform. It must be very difficult to select these distinguished individuals. I’m sure there are many more who do not receive the award but who are still qualified. Thank you to American Airlines for recognizing this and for doing your part to support the armed services, veterans and their families.
Sallie Gunn-Anderson, Hoffman Estates, Ill.  

Associate Editor Jan Hubbard Responds: As you might expect, Sallie, all of us at American­ Way felt privileged to work on the Medal of Honor issue.

As an Executive Platinum member, I constantly see American Airlines staff going above and beyond to say thank you to our servicemen and women, whether it be an upgrade to First Class, early boarding or a simple thank-you and a smile. The July 15 cover story (“Capital of Heroes”) on Medal of Honor recipients was yet another way to pay tribute to our military personnel. To every service member reading this, please know that your service never goes unnoticed. To Capt. Adam Browning, I am so very thankful and proud of you for the way you serve. Maybe you will even be reading this in the Sept. 1 issue, after our marriage and on your first American Airlines international flight — to Curaçao for our honeymoon.
Christin Dawson, Austin, Texas  

J.H. responds: I feel certain that Capt. Browning will be reading this, Christin. Thanks for the note, and have a great honeymoon.