American has been my airline of choice for many years. The first thing I do when I’m onboard is open the latest edition of American Way. The articles are well written, inform?ative and often humorous. Recently, I was impressed with “The Customer Experience” (June 1) that highlighted changes in the ?procedures used by American to track bags. I appreciate being informed and applaud American for caring about its customers.

Another area of customer service that I appreciate and depend on is American’s flight-notification program. I always get a voice mail informing me of the flight’s status. No other airline offers the same dependable service.
Peggy Lamb, Austin, Texas

Associate Editor Cheryl Krzywicki Responds: Thank you so much for all of the compliments about American and American Way. We do our best to make sure our passengers stay well informed while traveling with us.

I always enjoy reading American Way. The different destinations you write about give a glimpse into places I hope to visit some day.

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While growing up, I always dreamed about being able to travel the world. My family didn’t have the money to do much more than an occasional overnight camping trip. I wasn’t on an airplane until I landed my first job out of college, and since then, I’ve always tried to travel as much as possible.

I flew with my dad to Las Vegas in First Class. He had never flown First Class, and it was a big part of the trip that we’ve talked about for years.

Keep up the good work, American Way.
Jerry Rauman, Tinley Park, Ill.

Project Coordinator Betsy L. Semple Responds: Kudos for upgrading your father to First Class for your Vegas trip. Creating family memories is so important.

Recently, while waiting for my 6 a.m. flight from Los Angeles to Dallas, I plugged my new iPhone into a quick-charge outlet at my gate. I went back to where I was sitting and started talking to a gentleman. I was so involved in the conversation that when I looked up, they were closing the door where I was supposed to board. I ran to the door and made it just in time. When I took my seat, I realized that I had left my iPhone in the charger. The people seated around me were telling me to kiss it goodbye. I said, “I just got it and they’re very expensive.”

I told the flight attendant my problem. About three minutes later the flight attendant came walking down the aisle and handed me my iPhone. Everyone around me was just as surprised as I was. All of the passengers started to applaud.

When we landed in Dallas, I made sure to thank Captain Harris on my way off the plane. He shook my hand and told me that he’d contacted the gate agent. The captain could not have been more polite. He told me that he welcomed the opportunity to do something like that for a passenger.  Then he said, “Keep flying American Airlines.” I said, “I have been for more than 40 years and will continue. I love the name.”
Bob Anderson, Branson, Mo.

Captain Jeff Harris Responds: It was our pleasure to find a way to recover your iPhone that day in Los Angeles. We have all become gadgeteers in some form or fashion, and it’s only a matter of time before every one of us will be in a similar situation as you, finding ourselves praying that the person that finds our gadget will do the right thing. That said — if you haven’t already — make a small label for your portable electronic device with your contact information on it. This will give you a chance of recovering it — it’s happened to me a couple of times.

We look forward to seeing you again out on the line.

I started flying American in 2005 when my son began graduate school at the University of Utah. All of my family traveled to and from Brazil during this time.   I will never forget my first experience traveling alone to Utah. I had one stop in Dallas. I read the American Way during my layover. After that it was like a ritual.

The most interesting part is when I buy my tickets at the AA sales office. They have American Way magazines for all customers to read while they wait in line. So now my trip starts when I buy my tickets. It is amazing. When I see the first page, I just think good things, good experiences and happy moments. This is one of the reasons that I will always travel on American Airlines.
Eliane Raboni, São Paulo

Editor Adam Pitluk Responds: I’m glad that American Way has become a part of your travel experience, Eliane, and I’m especially grateful to the ticketing center in Campinas for having copies of the magazine on hand while you wait. I hope that other ticketing centers follow their example.

Every time someone returns from a trip on American Airlines, we at our business — [I am an executive-travel consultant] — ask them to bring back the latest issue of American Way. I love it because it tells me about new places we can recommend to our travelers. Thanks for such great information.
Flora Mseis, Chicago

Managing Editor Travis Kinsey Responds: We are thrilled to hear that American Way is being used by your business as a travel guide. What a huge compliment, Flora. We strive to give our readers a little bit of everything with every issue, and we’re glad to know we’ve done that where your needs and your clients are concerned.