I admit I find myself tearing out a page or two from American Way to take home with me. There is often an item or a feature that I want to remember, or information about various locations that I want to share with my husband for future trips.

During my last trip there were too many pages to tear out, so I took the magazine with me. It got me thinking that I should take the magazine and not tear pages out, as others might miss the same information I find valuable. Thanks for providing save-worthy features. I may leave a magazine that has the Sudoku completed, but if I leave the magazine on the plane, there won’t be pages missing anymore because of me.
Shirley Fagereng, Fort Worth, Texas

Editor Adam Pitluk responds:
On behalf of my mother, thank you for not mutilating my homework anymore, Shirley. Just take it with you … we’ll print more.

Thanks for great in-flight entertainment. I do the Sudoku page in ink, starting with the Diabolical grid. The Mensa quiz is also fun; my wife does the word puzzles and I do the math questions. We’re delighted to discover we qualify for Mensa if we work together.
Ron Beatty, Montgomery, Texas

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Senior Editor Anna Fialho responds: As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. Sounds like you two make the perfect pair when it comes to the Mensa challenge.

American Way gives me good information, providing me with tips on places I will visit. I love the maps and the fact that I’m allowed to take the issue with me.
Harold Forsyth, Ambassador of Peru to the United States, Washington, D.C.

A.P. responds:
Thank you, Harold. Be on the lookout for our new-and-improved, redesigned maps. And if you see Shirley, make sure she’s not ripping out pages anymore.

Our family of six just got back from a trip to Belize. We traveled with our four young children, ages 9, 7, 5 and 3. My husband and I were a little nervous about flying with them, but with American, the flight attendants went out of their way to accommodate us. They were so happy to have the children onboard. My son asked for wings, but the flight attendant was running low. She asked for our address and said that she would mail some to us. To my surprise, I received an envelope in the mail with four sets of wings. American always goes above and beyond.
The Hudson Family, Ocean Springs, Miss.

Executive Senior Editor CHRIS Wessling Responds: “Above and beyond” pretty much sums up the level of service our flight attendant colleagues dish up every single day.

I had the opportunity to fly my mom to New York City for the first time and, given my status on American, upgrade her to First Class. It was a memory I will cherish and a blessing I realize not all have. When I was a child, we rarely flew due to cost. My mom was an elementary-school art teacher until she retired a few years ago, and being able to take her on a trip was a dream come true.

The June 1 “Editor’s Note” touched me so deeply. What an amazing thing Peter Rodway is doing for his students, and what a difference he is making in the lives of our children. It made me think. I am the director of U.S. retail marketing for an amazing company (Krispy Kreme), and one of our largest efforts is school fundraising. I would like to offer to donate fundraising for the students to pay for their per diem costs on a trip, along with some of my miles to get them there. While I can’t fly them all, I would like to challenge my fellow frequent-fliers to donate some of their miles. Let us, together, make a difference in the lives of these children and give them an experience that will last their whole lives and which may even spark a love of travel and a drive to get there that we all share.
 Megan Brock, Austin, Texas
A.P. responds: Wow, Megan. What a beautifully written story. Your offer to help Peter’s students is amazing and heartwarming.

As a Brazilian citizen, I was delighted to read in CEO Thomas W. Horton’s column (“Vantage Point,” June 1) that Manaus is the seventh and newest AA destination in Brazil. This city is the best way to get close to one of the most stunning places in the world: the Amazon rain forest. AA’s decision to start flying to this city is proof of foresight. Many people who could save the Amazon or simply find out more about this fascinating region will now have better ways to get there.
Brazil hosted the Rio+20 conference, a meeting that brings together around 50,000 people to discuss “our common future.” The goal is to agree on a message about sustainable development that will guide us for the next 20 years.

As a young researcher, I am enthusiastic to be part of this process. I would not be flying to Rio without AA, which kindly agreed to sponsor a fundamental event called “Rio Climate Challenge,” which tries to help policy makers involved in climate-change negotiations to advance a global agreement capable of keeping carbon concentration in the atmosphere below 450 parts per million. The decisions made in Rio are crucial for our future. Thank you for the opportunity to say 20 years from now: “I was there.”
Nicole de Paula Domingos, Washington, D.C.

Associate Editor Cheryl Krzywicki responds: I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Brazil, and I can’t wait to visit. Thank you for all of your hard work to save the rain forests.