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We enjoy hearing what you think about the magazine — so much so that if your letter to the editor is published in a 2013 issue, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win 100,000 AAdvantage­ miles. Want a chance at the miles? Simply ­e-mail your thoughts to us at ­

After numerous aircraft changes, multiple flight delays and several schedule changes­ that made my connections not so connecting, I ventured away from American ­Airlines and became a platinum frequent flyer on another airline. I came back to American based on a renewed commitment to customer­ satisfaction, updated aircraft and above-average attention to detail by very qualified crews. I have been extremely happy with my choice, and ­American Way magazine is the sugar-free icing on my gluten-free cake.
Curtis Scott Ginn, Anchorage, Alaska

Managing Editor Travis Kinsey Responds: We’re thrilled that you decided to give us your business again, Curtis. Thank you! We have many exciting developments going on at American, including new aircraft, enhanced ­onboard amenities and exciting new routes. We look forward to you enjoying all that we offer our customers, wherever your travels take you in the coming years. Welcome back!

I work in the entertainment industry, and part of my job is managing a magazine in Latin America with a circulation of over 270,000. I love American Way because there is always something new to learn — even from the same article, which is unbelievable. Right now, I am reading it for the 12th time this month. I usually read other magazines only once, but I read American Way many times. I’m on my way to New York City, and guess what I’m going to be reading again for the 14th time on my way back?
Ansel Araujo, Miami
Editor Adam Pitluk Responds: By coming out twice a month, Ansel, American Way is telegraphing to our passengers just how much we care about their onboard experience. That’s why we’re the only magazine in the industry to come out twice a month. And we’re happy to give you twice as many chances to read us over and over again.

I have been flying weekly on American ­Airlines for close to three years, and each time I board a flight on the first or 15th of a month, I immediately turn to Adam ­Pitluk’s “Editor’s Note.” I read the columns with great anticipation, and so far I have never been let down. I was on a flight to El Paso, Texas, recently, and I was seated a few rows behind Adam. I wanted to tell you I enjoy your column greatly, but I didn’t get the chance. So let me say it now: Thank you. I enjoy your magazine greatly. I also showed my wife your columns on convincing your family to go skiing. I am cautiously optimistic I can convince her to go skiing next winter. Fingers crossed.
Cameron Dirickson, Dallas
A.P. Responds: I do wish you would have introduced yourself, Cameron. I love meeting loyal American Way readers, and I could have given you some extra insights on how to get your family skiing. Next time, don’t be a stranger.

It was with pleasure that on my trip to San Francisco for a Memorial Day ceremony, I read the article on Seoul in American Way (“Stepping into the Spotlight,” May 15). The people of South Korea are industrious, hardworking and determined. Yet South Korea’s triumph and success is also a result of our military, who fought there and still serve there. Over 34,000 died and over 8,000 are still missing in action. I am a member of a Department of Defense committee authorized by Congress to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the war ending, and we are having a ceremony July 27 at the ­Korean War Memorial in Washington, D.C., to honor­ Korean War veterans. The ceremony will be open to everyone. Thank you also for everything your organization does to support our military and their families.
Dennis Snelling, Alexandria, Va.

T.K. Responds: American Airlines places a very high value on honoring our military and their work both during and after tours of duty, Dennis. Your praise of our story means a tremendous amount.

I haven’t watched a movie in flight in over 20 years. I never pull out my laptop during a flight. I reach for American Way, knowing it will provide me with fulfilling entertainment and diversion. My two or three modest trips a year probably don’t qualify me for top-tier status, but I am certainly loyal to AA and American Way. It is a veritable potpourri of fascinating stories of colorful people, places and things.
Michael Rice, Concord, Calif.

Associate Editor Jan Hubbard Responds: We are just glad that when you do fly, Michael, you enjoy American Way. Don’t forget that you can read all of our stories on

While flying home from Paris to Miami, I reached into the seat pocket, happy to see a new issue of American Way. What started­ as an exercise to pass time turned into a most enjoyable cover-to-cover reading experience. Always seeking out that sense of Zen on a long flight, I couldn’t have been more pleased to read Kathleen Parrish’s “Silent Lucidity” (May 1). I might not be silent for several days, but a few hours onboard definitely seemed doable. Because of your other articles in the issue, by the time I got home, I had a list of new books to read, new places to visit and most importantly, a sense of gratitude and Zen.
Melinda Prague, Coral Gables, Fla.

J.H. Responds: You’ve made our day, Melinda. A Zen experience with American Way? That is very possibly a first in the 47-year history of the magazine. Thanks for letting us know.