Costa Rica
I would like to thank American Way and its readers for helping us make a decision about our son’s plan to study abroad. I read the May 1 “Air Mail” letter from Kathia ?Valverde about Costa Rica, with a reply from Road Warrior winner Brian Van Flandern stating that Costa Rica is an “ardent eco-paradise” with nice people. Our son is an environmental geoscience major who is waiting for our approval to study abroad. We can now say yes to his plan, as we suddenly feel comfortable about a country we have never been to. Who would have thought American Way and its broad-based readers could have such a chain impact.
Sandy Peng, Flower Mound, Texas

Road Warrior Winner Brian Van Flandern responds: Your son is going to love Costa Rica. The rain forests are stunningly beautiful and teeming with life. The people are genuinely wonderful and very accommodating of tourists, especially if you know some rudimentary Spanish. There is very little crime or corruption. I ask only one thing: Don’t blame me if he doesn’t want to come home.

First Flight
My wife and I have flown many times on American Airlines over the years, but our most recent flight was very special. This was our first flight with our 2-month-old baby boy. We were a bit nervous about traveling with a newborn, but the crew was fantastic. They not only helped us to get comfortable with the baby, but when they realized it was his very first flight, they gave him a little set of wings and a certificate signed by the pilot. We’ll add these to our keepsake box, and we’ll always treasure our first flight with our son. Thank you, American Airlines, for these wonderful memories.
James Dougherty, Coral Gables, Fla.

Associate Editor Cheryl Krzywicki responds: How sweet! I know firsthand how nerve-racking it can be traveling with a little one in tow. It is amazing how help with the little things while traveling can make the biggest difference in the world.

My Love, Argentina
Recently my wife of 24 years confessed to a long-term love affair — with Argentina. Your recent story (“Buenos Aires, Bueno Patagonia,” April 15) helped seal the deal. As taxes come once a year and babies cry, we will soon travel to Argentina.
Andrew Horowitz, Tulsa, Okla.

Editor Adam Pitluk responds: You’ll love it down there, Andrew. Probably not as much as your wife, but marriage is about compromise …

I settled into my seat and started reading American Way. I was actually looking at the letters when our captain came over the intercom and said we were in for a special treat. He said we were going to taxi by the space shuttle Enterprise, which was in a hangar and still on top of the 747 that flew it to New York. I was really excited. The only problem was that I was on the wrong side of the plane and couldn’t get a view. A helpful flight attend?ant noticed me straining to see and helped me get an unobstructed view.
Tim Hill, New York

C.K. responds: That must have been an amazing sight to see, Tim. Even after spending many years working on the ramp, I know that to look out at the runway and watch a Boeing 747 or a military jet take off or land is incredible.

American Eagle flight attendant Gary Czerew was fantastic. Not only did he greet me by name and take care of me as an AAdvantage Executive Platinum, he treated every passenger on the plane with friendliness and respect, with detailed individual connecting-flight information and with unflagging good humor.
I would be thrilled to fly with Gary again. I hope AMR continues to foster such a strong spirit of customer service and dedication among all its employees and associates.
J.D. Fugate, Seattle

Chicago-Based Flight Attendant Gary Czerew responds: Thank you so much for the kind words, J.D. Your letter means so much. It makes the job worthwhile. … I hope to share a flight with you again.

Half a Century
I started flying with American Airlines in the late 1950s, when airplanes still had propellers. I received a certificate dated Nov. 20, 1961, personally signed by Mr. C.R. Smith, Fleet Admiral, making me an Admiral of the Flagship Fleet. I still have the framed certificate in my office.
After boarding my flight and settling into my seat, I reach for American Way. With my pencil in hand, I commence doing the crossword puzzle, after which I read the inform?ative articles, particularly if anything is written about the city of my destination. I look forward to my next flight.
Basil R. Collier, Los Angeles

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C.K. responds:
Mr. C.R.’s passion for aviation really shone, from the DC-3 aircraft in 1936 to the debut of American Way shortly before his retirement in 1968. His spirit lives on through the AA family, and, Basil, we are happy to have you as part of our family.

Most Interesting
I don’t always get to choose my airline, but when I do, I prefer dos AA. It is very refreshing to see an airline magazine not focused entirely on travel. I would pay for a subscription; that’s how good it is.
Adil Yitiz, San Diego

Design Director David W. Radabaugh responds:
That’s a generous compliment, Adil. Did you know a subscription costs $72 a year for 24 issues? Thank you for reading American Way when you fly with us. Stay thirsty, my friend.