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We enjoy hearing what you think about the magazine — so much so that if your letter to the editor is published in a 2013 issue, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win 100,000 AAdvantage­ miles. Want a chance at the miles? Simply ­e-mail your thoughts to us at ­

Welcome Back
As a former platinum frequent flier on another airline I decided on my last business trip to give American Airlines a try again after a long time of not using the airline. That was largely based on my dissatisfaction with the other airline over its handling of a customer-service issue, one that most road warriors like myself and service-industry­ executives would have easily resolved. My trip with American surprised me in many ways. The new look, business approach and capital investment that American is making seem to be having a positive effect on transforming and improving the airline. The most striking change, however, was the employees. From the booking agent to the gate and flight-service staffs, everyone was attentive and friendly. Oh, and the magazine. Like many frequent business travelers, I was intent on working on my computer except when electronics had to be off. Like many customers, I imagine, I got snagged by the “Enter to win 100,000 AAdvantage Miles” and decided to read through the magazine. To my surprise, there were many articles that I really enjoyed – especially the profiles of other road warriors like myself (“Spoils of the Victors,” March 15). The new American may be getting the full package working again, and American Way provides the final nice touch. Pardon the fishing analogy, but you have succeeded in grabbing me back as a customer hook, line and sinker.
Jerry Difede, Kemah, Texas

Suzanne L. Rubin, President, AAdvantage Loyalty Program, responds: We’re always glad to welcome back old friends, Jerry. We’re working very hard to improve the travel experience and to earn your business on every flight and with every interaction you have with us. To continue your fishing analogy, Jerry, you’re one catch we’re not going to let get away.

I’m following up on a letter that you published in your June 15, 2012, issue about an excursion my ex-wife and I took to Italy. One year later, I just finished reading American Way, which gets even better with each issue, and guess what? My ex-wife is sitting next to me, as we are on our way to Spain. Yes, we are divorced, but it is still possible to have a best friend and travel partner. As always, your entire staff has treated us well. I want to point out to couples who are divorced that it may not be your final destination. In fact, it could be a new beginning of respect and friendship, and you never know where American Airlines will take you next.
Todd R. Janko, Phoenix

Managing Editor Travis Kinsey Responds: I’m thrilled to hear Part 2 of your story, Todd, knowing that you and your ex-wife have found a whole new lease on your relationship post-marriage. First Italy, now Spain. May your friendship with your ex continue for years, allowing for many more travel adventures for you both.

Because your enthusiastic flight attendant persuaded me to power down anything that started with an “I,” “I” looked for a low-tech replacement. Oh, how I enjoyed the articles in American Way, as they proved very refreshing, especially “Hot Rod Haven” by Bruce Rushton (March 1) and the profile on Bill Nighy in “Itinerary.” As a former die-hard US Airways flier, I see my needs will be met with grace and with American Way. I enjoyed being unplugged.
Rob Baer, M.D., Virginia Beach, Va.

Editor Adam Pitluk Responds: Welcome to the new American Airlines, Dr. Baer. You’ll absolutely love your new-and-improved airline. And we hope that the more you read American Way, the more you will love us too. Thanks very much for the enthusiastic note.

On the day Mary Jessie Herrera was shot in Iraq (“Looking at the Bright Side,” March 1), I was with her. I had two broken legs from an explosion during combat on that day and was being transported back to base with Sgt. Herrera. Sitting on my lap, holding pressure on her wounds, she laughed at my jokes and kept smiling. At no point did that little soldier tear up and break down. She had a look on her face that said she wasn’t sure she’d make it, and neither was I. But she never stopped being a soldier. She made an impression on me and continues to be a friend for life.
James Ray, Water Valley, Miss.

Associate Editor Jan Hubbard Responds: The column by Cathy Booth Thomas on Mary Jessie Herrera moved many readers. She may be only 5-feet-1 and 112 pounds and may have had two bullets in her right arm from combat in Iraq, but her courage and sense of humor demonstrate what a big heart she has. And while you are understated about your own wounds, James, it is clear there was more than one brave soldier on the battlefield that day. We thank you.

Picture Perfect
We fly American Airlines often, and our favorite destination is Orlando. We’ve been there five times in the last five years. Anyone who has traveled with small children knows how challenging it can be to keep them entertained. Their attention span is short, and we often have to resort to a lot of tricks to keep them happy. One way is to look through the pictures in American Way. We always find exciting photos in your creative stories that keep them glued to the magazine. Thanks for offering a few extra minutes of entertainment, even for little kids who can’t read yet!
Mona Walker, Paget, Bermuda

J.H. Responds: We are always thrilled to get compliments on our articles, Mona, but to find out that a 2-year-old is captivated by our magazine photos is something that truly makes us proud.