Go, Go, Go!
After getting settled during what is always a busy travel schedule, I really enjoy seeing the latest city highlighted in American Way. Whether the city is on my current travel itinerary or not, I always take note of the “Brief: Go” section. I love having great restaurants and hotels to visit to make my travels a bit more like a home away from home. Thanks for doing the legwork to find these great restaurants and rooms that make my travels so comfortable.
Blair King, Nashville, Tenn.

Senior Editor Anna Fialho responds: We’re here to serve our readers, and doing our research and traveling around the world to find the best of what to do and see by sussing out the top spots in dining, drinking and sleeping in any and every AA-served city is our top priority. Our city destination features are some of our most valued articles in American Way, and we plan to keep delivering.

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Meat and Potatoes
My wife and I are Honolulu-based senior citizens who travel frequently. While en route to Nice, France, via Los Angeles and London, two things impressed us regarding American Airlines and American Way. First, at Honolulu’s skycap station at 5:15 a.m., our skycap, Romney, was extremely courteous and helpful to not only us but to all travelers. Romney went beyond the call of duty to assist all who were at his station. Kudos to Romney. Secondly, the articles and maps within the March 15 issue were rather informative and meaningful. Unlike most airline magazines, which generally are little more than advertisements, yours has meat and potatoes — value. Thanks.
Jon and Nelly von Kessel, Honolulu

Associate Editor Cheryl Krzywicki responds: I am delighted to hear that Romney
took such good care of you as you began your long journey to France. There is one thing that
is better than actual meat and potatoes, and that is making sure we have enough of it in our magazine.

Worlds Apart
I want to personally thank you for providing my girlfriend and me with low-cost, high-quality travel. My soon-to-be fiancée is 2,000 miles away in Texas, while I am stuck in California finishing my bachelor’s degree; we fly to see each other approximately once a month thanks to your direct service from Ontario, Calif., to Dallas/Fort Worth. Every time I board the 6 a.m. flight from Ontario, I am greeted with a smile by the wonderful American Airlines crew. The service my girlfriend and I receive is top-of-the-line, especially compared to your competitors. We make it a conscious objective to always fly American Airlines on our journey to reconnect. Thank you for allowing me to see the love of my life face to face every month, and with the money I have saved I can now afford a bigger ring.
Marcus Pacheco, Twentynine Palms, Calif.

Associate Editor Jessica Jones responds: It’s sometimes easy to forget that the work our company does is more than just flying planes (or, in our case, writing articles); it’s helping people live their lives better, easier and happier. We wish you and your fiancée all the happiness in the world.

Entertain Me
I recently flew American Airlines from New York to London. Despite having my computer and a good book at the ready, I found myself reading American Way cover to cover. The diversity of subject matter is terrific, and the articles are both informative and entertaining. Keep up the good work!
Ronald E. Hellman, New York

Editor Adam Pitluk responds
: Great note, Ronald. Keep flying with us and we’ll keep you entertained.

A Celebration
I recently started flying with American ?Airlines and was excited to see that you provide two magazines full of engaging reads each month. The topics covered are immensely entertaining and diverse, and it’s easy to make it from one cover to the next on even the shortest flight. The highlight for me was seeing Latino faces on the cover of American? Way and reading about the new show ¡Q'Viva! The Chosen with Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez (“Star Search,” March 1). I want to thank you for being inclusive of all Americans and celebrating the rich Latino culture that I hold dear. Thank you for all that you do.
Blanca Rincon, Champaign, Ill.

J.J. responds
: I’m so happy to hear that our March 1 cover story hit close to home for you, Blanca. We’re privileged to entertain you — and represent you. (And bonus points for recognizing that we publish twice a month — many people don’t realize that!)

Home Sweet Home
I was on my trip back home to Costa Rica after being in Germany for a medical meeting. I was so glad to come back home and see my husband and kids. During the flight I was reading the article about the Road Warrior contest (“Miami Rhapsody,” March 15), when I read the interview from one of the winners, Brian Van Flandern. In his interview he said his best vacation spot was Costa Rica. I felt so lucky that this man who travels so much thinks my home is his best spot for having a wonderful vacation. The next time I go to the beach on a weekend, I will remember American Way!
Kathia Valverde, San Jose, Costa Rica

Road Warrior winner Brian Van Flandern responds: I was not surprised at all to read this letter. Part of the reason I love Costa Rica so much is the people! It is an ardent eco-paradise. Every time I visit, I make new friends and discoveries. By the time you are reading this, I will be in Costa Rica yet again. Salud!