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We enjoy hearing what you think about the magazine — so much so that if your letter to the editor is published in a 2014 issue, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win 100,000 AAdvantage­ miles. Want a chance at the miles? Simply email your thoughts to us at

I’ve had the opportunity to fly on different airlines, and I find your magazine more refreshing every time. Other airline publications are more about the hype and trend and less about genuine interest like American Way. I recently came across your article on the Brazilian city of Manaus (“Crossroads of the Amazon,” Feb. 15), and I was immediately engaged by the story. I was genuinely surprised by the details and photos of the nonmerging rivers, the exquisitely crafted Teatro Amazonas and the city in general. I knew little about this gem in the Amazon that looks like a very interesting place to visit. Thank you for sharing a great story and sparking my curiosity about such an unexpected and unique place in Brazil.
Alfonso Sesma, New Haven, Ind.
Editor Adam Pitluk Responds: Excellent letter, Alfonso, and I couldn’t agree more. American Airlines is the largest, strongest airline in the world, and we like to think American Way is an accurate literary reflection. Thanks for reading.

I was particularly intrigued by the new “Gearhead” column in the Feb. 15 issue (“The Mechanics of Things”). Having always been interested in how things work and in how companies do what they do, I enjoyed and will look forward on future flights to reading about the workings of American Airlines. Thanks for sharing your secrets of how you provide the quality service we appreciate.
Catherine Tryon, Dallas
Associate Editor Tara Titcombe Responds: I’m excited to be able to write the monthly “Gearhead” column, Catherine, and I look forward to highlighting our company and employees for you. I’m continually fascinated by the aviation industry, and I’m constantly learning new parts of it. I hope you keep reading on future flights and enjoy the process of learning along with me.

I want to thank you for all the great articles celebrating Black History Month in February’s American Way magazines. I learned about so many interesting and successful role models in sports, business and the arts, but “The Legend Begins” (Feb. 15), about Muhammad Ali, impressed me the most. I had never heard of his famous fight against Sonny Liston, and it really fascinated me. It was so clever of writer Mike Downey to quote that eclectic group of fight spectators, from Billy Crystal to George Foreman, who actually experienced the fight either in person or on the radio. I’m headed to the library to request Thomas Hauser’s Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times. I want to learn more about the metamorphosis of this talented and controversial boxing champion.
John Caswell, Honolulu
Associate Editor Jan Hubbard Responds: Ali is no doubt one of the most fascinating individuals of the past 50 years, John. It was fun to look back at when it all began.

I just read the article “Excellence in the Canadian Rockies” in the Jan. 15 issue of American Way, and it was awesome. It felt so real to me because we had just concluded a ski trip to Banff, and the article was spot-on. Writer Crai S. Bower captured the beauty and excellence of the scenery, skiing conditions and the area in general. On our first day at Sunshine, it was snowing and visibility was poor. Just after lunch, the sky cleared and the beauty of the valley opened up. It was amazing. Not more than an hour later, we were skiing from the afternoon sun at the top of the mountain into a cloud-filled valley — and this was just the beginning. The entire trip goes on record as the best ski vacation ever. I will save this article to remind me of this trip until we can repeat it.
Bill Hawkins, Fort Worth, Texas
Writer Crai S. Bower Responds: I’m glad my observations, gleaned from many visits to Banff over the years, proved “spot-on” for your visit, Bill. My friends in the Alberta ski industry will be thrilled to hear your “best ski vacation ever” designation.

As a big basketball fan, I was amused and amazed reading about Los Angeles Clippers player Chris Paul (“Natural Leader,” Feb. 1). His story is a story that I personally relate to. I give my very best to obtain the best results possible, just as the new American is doing now that it has merged with US Airways. As frequent flyers, my family and I have always seen AA as the industry leader — just like Chris Paul is in basketball. I would also like to thank American Way for entertaining us with a wide variety of great articles and vivid pictures of places we only hope to be able to visit one day.
Daniel Vivar, Quito, Ecuador
J.H. Responds: Being compared to Chris Paul is a compliment, Daniel. And we’re hoping he feels the same way about us. Thank you for the kind words.

I was flying from sunny California to the East Coast, right into the polar vortex. As I listened to people around me describe miserable conditions that would greet us, I started questioning the wisdom of this trip. Then I discovered the article “One Hundred Years of Laughs” (Jan. 1), about the life of Charlie Chaplin. The article lifted my spirits, and I trekked into the sub-zero freeze comforted by the thought that cold doesn’t last 100 years — but laughter does.
Bentzion Kravitz, Los Angeles
Senior Art Director Brian Smith Responds: As a famous man once said, Bentzion, laughter is indeed the best medicine. Glad we could put at least a cool smile on your face.