And to many more …
How long have I been traveling on American Airlines? Let me count the ways: American’s planes are always clean and comfortable, the staff is friendly and helpful, and moreover, American is generally on time. What a pleasure! Now let me count the years: I am 91 years young and just returned from visiting my son and his family in Tucson, Ariz. I intend to keep traveling if God and American Airlines are willing. So you see, American Airlines, I am counting on you. How about it?
Bernice Weinstein, Palm Beach, Fla.

Editor Adam Pitluk responds: Ms. Weinstein, bless you. We’ll be looking for you on the beach the next time we’re in Palm Beach. Here’s to another 91 years together …

100,000 AAdvantage miles for your thoughts.

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For Life
American Way magazine is always enjoyable and informative. The ideas for many of my family trips have originated from articles in American Way. Never have I been disappointed in following the leads of American Way for my trips.

I switched to American Airlines in 1982. I have never been disappointed by my decision. On my first flight on American from Chicago to Palm Springs, Calif., I was genuinely impressed with the gate agents. They were friendly, real and concerned. I thought as we sat on the runway, “Things cannot be as good with the flight crew.” Wrong. It got better. The crew was friendly and attentive to the needs of my family. Way to go, American, and your wonderful employees. You have my business for life.
Joseph Madrigrano Jr., Kenosha, Wis.

A.P. responds: You just made my day, Joseph, and I’ll relay your message to all of the folks in Customer Relations and Flight Service. They will appreciate the kind words.

Perfect Rainbow
I started flying American in the late ’80s. About three years ago I reached 1 million miles … and counting. I want to share an incredible experience I had: We were going to fly from Dallas to Pittsburgh but needed to wait until a big storm passed. We finally took off with the storm behind us and the sunset in front of us. Looking through the window, I saw a beautiful rainbow. Then something really spectacular happened: As we were going up, I realized that the rainbow became a perfect circle! (We normally only see half of a rainbow at ground level.) To complete this amazing spectacle, a few minutes later I saw the moon rising on the horizon.
Francisco J. Montiel, Puebla, Mexico

Graphic Designer Danielle P. Marino responds: I too started flying American in the ’80s and have had several amazing experiences. Although, I’ve never seen a full-circle rainbow. Sounds like a magical sight. Maybe during my next trip I will have an opportunity to see what you saw on your unforgettable flight.

I recently flew from Miami to Dallas aboard a brand-new Boeing 737 — what a fine specimen. Everything from the blue lighting, the recessed ceiling and the modified overhead bins made it seem much, much larger, more comfortable and way more enjoyable to sit in. I can’t wait until you start taking delivery of all the other new aircraft. I am looking forward to flying on the youngest fleet.
Nicanor Rios, Miami

Design Director David W. Radabaugh responds: I share your enthusiasm, Nicanor. I was lucky enough to travel in a new 737 with the gorgeous Boeing Sky Interior on a recent trip to New York. Within five years, American Airlines will have the youngest, greenest and most fuel-efficient fleet in the industry. You won’t need luck to enjoy that new-plane smell again; you’ll just need to keep flying with us.

I recently flew American for the first time in many years. I found the latest copy of American? Way in the seatback pocket in front of me. The variety of articles was very impressive, along with them being very in-depth. It took me nearly the entire three-hour flight to go through the magazine! Thank you for American Way. I look forward to reading it again on my next flight.
Keith Blankenship, Le Roy, Ill.

Managing Editor Travis Kinsey responds: We’re glad that you not only liked the magazine but that you enjoyed spending lots of time reading it. We’re equally glad that you’re flying with us again. Welcome back!

Millions and Millions
I recently became a millionaire for the second time, upon reaching 2 million miles with American Airlines. I am so happy and proud that I am telling all my friends, and so I thought to share it with American Way too. Now I am looking forward to 3 million, 4 million and many more millions of miles. Hopefully I can even become a billionaire.
José Cordeiro Ph.D., Caracas, Venezuela

Senior Art Director Samuel Solomon responds
: Congratulations on the milestone! We appreciate the letter and your loyalty.

Too Funny
I am a cruise-ship comedian and magician, and I fly almost every week to a different ship at some exotic location. Three years ago I started keeping a journal of my travel stories for potential comedy routines. This has led me to make the following complaint — in three years of flying with American ?Airlines, I have had no lost luggage, no canceled flights and no serious delays — this means no new material for my act! AA’s competitors have been much more helpful in providing disasters for my journal!
Keith Fields, Troy, Mich.

Associate Editor Cheryl Krzywicki responds: I am glad that you fly with us, yet I am sad that we are not helping your career.