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We enjoy hearing what you think about the magazine — so much so that if your letter to the editor is published in a 2013 issue, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win 100,000 AAdvantage­ miles. Want a chance at the miles? Simply ­e-mail your thoughts to us at ­

After two flights from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, I finally boarded the American­ ­Airlines flight to Asunción, Paraguay, where I was supposed to have arrived seven months earlier. I got an unexpected surprise in the seat pocket. It was like St. Nicholas personally left me a gift when I discovered the American­ Way story about a weekend in Asunción (“Brief: Go,” Dec. 1, 2012). That was one of those moments when you feel like the text was written just for you. Last May, I had tickets for a trip with several connections, but I was unable to go because of two deaths and a serious illness in my family. That was sad for me because I wanted to visit my only brother, who lives in Paraguay. With American’s new nonstop flight from Miami to Asunción, it was easier to get there this time. The exceptional week with my brother passed so quickly; I soon found myself boarding the American Airlines flight home. On the return flight, the same page in American Way suddenly had a much deeper meaning for me.
Petar-Kresimir Hodzic, Hrvatski Leskovac, Croatia

ASSOCIATE EDITOR JESSICA JONES RESPONDS: I’m so happy to hear you were able to make it to Paraguay after the ups and downs of the previous year, Petar-Kresimir. One of the greatest privileges we have as an airline is to be able to connect family members and loved ones. I hope you get to see your brother again before too long.

I always make it a point to read American Way as soon as I get on the plane, and the first thing I read is “Editor’s Note.” Adam Pitluk’s Dec. 1, 2012, column was the most interesting and inspirational one I have read yet because you have inspired me to start a blog about my many travels and adventures. As I sat on my late-December flight from New York to Los Angeles, I began writing some stories down. I’m in the process of registering a blog in the hopes that I, too, will serve as inspiration for someone someday.
Stacia Park, Middle Island, N.Y. 

EDITOR ADAM PITLUK RESPONDS: Wow, Stacia. It’s not often that I inspire anyone, so this is a real treat. Thanks for the note. Be sure to let me know how the blog turns out.

Every time I read American Way, I find myself sending articles to family and friends. As the former publisher of Businessweek and with 20 years at Sports Illustrated, Life and Time, I truly look forward to every flight on American Airlines and picking up your magazine. It is colorful, diverse and very user-friendly. You cover travel, real people, food, fashion and fun in a most enjoyable way. Even the ads are fun to read.
Bill Kupper, Bonita Springs, Fla

DESIGN COORDINATOR BETSY L. SEMPLE RESPONDS: One fan letter begets another: You’ve been at the helm of some of my favorite magazines, Bill. Your thoughts on our product are high praise, indeed. It’s gratifying to know we’re making an impact on our readers.

I always read the entire magazine, and I just finished your column “Youthful Exuberance” (“Editor’s Note,” Jan. 1, 2013), on driving from St. Louis to New York for Y2K. Oh, do I recall spontaneous trips with my then-girlfriend (now my wife) with such fondness when we lived together in San Francisco. I am writing to ask the question: Did the four of you end up sleeping in your car that New Year’s Eve night?
Eric Bohner, St. Charles, Ill.

A.P. RESPONDS:  Ha! We didn’t sleep in the car, Eric. We stayed up all night and drove back to St. Louis the next day, stopping in Columbus, Ohio, to nap when we dropped Rocky off. And get this: Rocky and Katie (the other two people in the picture) met that night. They were married in October 2011. Talk about social engineering.

There’s always something fun and interesting that grabs my attention in American Way, be it a wonderful destination for future travels, a restaurant that warrants a visit, some shopping, a movie to check out or even a hobby to pick up if I ever find the time. “Pursuit of Perfection” (Dec. 1, 2012) not only made for interesting reading, providing insights into the mind of master moviemaker Steven Spielberg, but it also resonated with the workings of American Airlines. The various services and service levels that are offered are a testimony to vast efforts towards a pursuit of perfection. American Airlines and American Way remain my first choices for travel.
Chandrika Raghavan, Durham, N.C.

J.J. RESPONDS: Any time we can get a comparison to Steven Spielberg, we’ll take it, Chandrika. I’m glad American’s commitment to excellence has been evident during your travels.

Each time I fly on American Airlines, the first thing I do after settling into my seat is reach for American Way. Since I’m usually flying internationally, I check out the movie in the detailed information pages at the back of the issue. Then, I look through the magazine page by page and read all of the articles that interest me. As an author and editor, I am also a reader, because I can learn new techniques, slants and perhaps get ideas for articles I would like to write. Sometimes I’m inspired to put a destination on my bucket list to add to the 50 countries I’ve traveled to at least once. With so many periodicals no longer printing hard copies, it’s great that American Airlines continues to publish American Way.
Helen Dunn Frame, Santa Ana, Costa Rica

A.P. RESPONDS: We love what we do, and we love that you love what we do, Helen. Thanks to readers like you, American Way is the most decorated in-flight magazine in all of aviation.