What a Treat!
I was on a flight from New York JFK to Los Angeles to see my family for Christmas when I came across the article, “A Weekend in: Burbank, Calif.” (Dec. 15, 2011). I grew up in Southern California and regularly went to Burbank on the weekends to go to the movies or to eat at the same Bob’s Big Boy mentioned in the article. Thanks for giving Burbank a well-deserved shoutout and for making an already enjoyable flight even better!
Kristin Dodds, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Associate Editor Jessica Jones responds
: We like to give underappreciated cities the respect they deserve, and it was about time Burbank got its due! We’re happy to have brought back some good memories for you.

The Healing Voyage
I just returned from months of traveling and wanted to share with you how much American Airlines and American Way mean to me. My partner of almost 13 years died at the end of May from cancer. It was amazingly heartbreaking for me. I was his sole caregiver, and we were lucky enough to spend the whole of his illness together. I didn’t work during the majority of the time he was sick. I was 33 and he was 38 when he died.

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Once he died, I set out on a healing voyage. I went across the states meeting other widows and current cancer survivors, and catching up with friends. I soaked in my time onboard, reading American Way and thinking of the times Jeff and I traveled on American.

I was lucky enough to have the same crew on two of my flights. I recognized one of the flight attendants, Lynn from Boston, right away. She asked me why I traveled so much. I told her that I was traveling a lot because my partner of almost 13 years died and I was visiting friends. She looked at me and said, “Did you say he died?” I said, “Yes.” She proceeded to give me the biggest hug ever. The love emanating from her was brilliant. Before I left the plane, she gave me another huge hug. That, to me, is why I fly American.
Marc Vera, Boston

Editor Adam Pitluk responds: I’m extremely sorry for your loss, Marc. Jeff was truly blessed to have someone like you in his life, and I’m glad to see AA employees embracing you and his memory.

Long Journeys
As a frequent flyer with American Airlines for many years, flying from New York City to London visiting my son and grandsons, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading American Way. The articles are interesting and inspiring, and I enjoy the challenges provided by the crossword puzzle, Sudoku and the Mensa quiz. The magazine definitely helps pass the time in a relaxing and enjoyable way, especially on a long journey.
Lynda Stock Halcott, Bronx, New York

A.P. responds: And thank you for writing in, Lynda. Glad we can be your in-flight companion.

Next Stop
My New Year’s resolution is to be Platinum by the end of this year. The way to do this is book all my flights — work and personal — with AA. And I will. I already had four trips booked in January and February with more to come. Thank you, AA, for making me excited to fly!
Charuan Hagen, Helendale, Calif.

A.P. responds
: Please take my advice, Charuan — get your Platinum card. It makes all the difference in the world.

Rock ’N’ Roll
I have been an Executive Platinum for over four years, and I must admit I have really noticed a change in American Way. For years, I felt that American Way was a well-written magazine that was being written for the conservative 40-something business traveler but not for the 40-something rock ’n’ roll-loving, lifestyle business traveler in me. About a year ago, I started seeing articles about hip underground bands not just once but in a consistent way, and now I see my hometown X Games and Olympic hero Shaun White on the cover (“Chairman of the Board,” Jan. 1), and all I can say is this business traveler is entertained! Thank you for helping me keep current on all the hip new music and sports trends, because now I can surprise my kids and drop some names that they are into!
Stevie Salas, Washington, D.C.

A.P. responds: You see, Stevie, you’re ?exactly the person we’re trying to reach with our new-and-improved magazine.